Towels are items most of the hotels are right there. It plays a very important role in the evaluation of quality of customer service and quality level of the hotel that through towels secured or not. Especially affect the rating star rating for your hotel. Let's Towels Cheap find out now the types of constraints that hotels, resorts need to have okay

5+ Scarf that HOTELS, RESORTS need to have.


Of course towels, can't be, though, is the hotel, big or small, including holiday home. You will find towels appear everywhere in the hotel such as bathroom, swimming pool, steam room, Gym... can use whenever you need.

Towels are often used material 100% Cotton and are the most popular size is 70 x 140cm, 80 x 140cm, 90 x 140cm. Depending on the standard of each hotel and the need to use will select the size matching towels. Color towels will usually white people also depending on the style different hotels will select color matching.

Bath towels hotel

Face Towel

Towels are usually mostly white and the size will be smaller towels 34* 70cm, 40* 80cm. Type this towel will be used washcloths often should I have a choice scarf quality and sanitary towel thoroughly. Should change the towel every day new or used.

Face towel hotel


Hand towel will usually have a size of 32* 32cm and 34* 34cm and usually have uniform color tone with color room and the things in the hotel.

Type this scarf is often distributed near the sink in bathrooms or rooms of the hotel or in many different positions if needed. Use towel to wipe your hands often should need a towel to dry and evaporate good guaranteed safety for users.

Handkerchief hotel

Head Wrap

Type this scarf is often the scarf is more there the customer or usually appear in the big hotels. Bandanas are so diverse in color and size depending on the size of client will choose suitable towel. Because my hair when the shower is very humid, so need a towel has high hygroscopicity and airy help hair dry faster. So choose the towel thin light to bring comfortable for users.

Bandanas hotel


At the hotel, resort, big, standard from 3-star and above are to the top of a napkin. Usually it will also be equipped with in-room or in the hotel's restaurant. It contributes to increase politeness and elegance to the table, creating a sense of comfort for the customers when dining.

Napkin hotel

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Criteria to choose a scarf for hotels standards


Each hotel will have the type of difficulty in accordance with the standards in it. We should choose towels in accordance with the intended use as bath towel or face towel,... The choice of matching towels will bring a feeling of comfortable and more pleasant to use. Do not choose the type of difficulty of inferior quality will be very easy to affect the skin of the customer.

Choose towels for hotel-standard

Material (fiber)

There are many material scarf is used as bath towel, hotel. But the most common is the scarf is made from 100% natural Cotton. Towels are very good quality comes from countries such as: America, India, Turkey, egypt,... are of very good quality, absorbent fast and brings a pleasant sensation to the skin. Towel Cotton is not less in the large and small hotels on the world and domestic use.

Weight & Size

There are 2 types of towels downloads: Towels and bath panels. For towels have a size of approximately 127.4 cm in length. And the bathroom has a larger size about 147-171 cm in length. The weight standard of the hotel usually in the range of 500 GSM ( gram/m2 ).

However in some kind of towel lightly over 500 GSM is woven by fiber high level, so the quality remains guaranteed. For the type of head wrap or scarf, it need light weight. Longer cotton towel weighs more than can be used in the bathroom. So, depending on different purposes, you can pick with the towel size and weight fit.

Weight and size towel hotel

How Yarn Is Woven

We should pay attention to how the weave of the scarf are meticulous and subtle or not, because it determines the durability of the towels and the feeling of users. Should choose the type of towels are woven loop or weave twists will help towel to absorb better and more durable.


For those high end hotels often pay a lot of attention to the color of the scarf to create uniformity for the whole room. This will help for your hotel add fascinated, and luxurious. In addition can also add some flower motifs on linens create highlights if the bathroom simple and less detail.

The color of the towels hotel

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The share on the type bath towel hotel should have surely also help you to know how to choose towels premium  suitable now. However, you need to choose where to put and provides towel credibility to ensure high quality as well as reasonable price.

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