You can pose questions to ad not? why in hotel no pillow? and ad have also been questions as you don't know why that is so? then the article below ad please be interpreted share to you what Khan Nam Phong know and learn about.

Can say, those who invest in the hotel sector will not be able to neglect the bedroom decoration. Typically, the quality of main bedroom is an important criterion for customers to evaluate service quality of the hotel. Therefore, most of the high class hotels in the world are investing quite a lot of enthusiasm into space in the bedroom. This is most evident through the number of sleeping pillows placed on the bed. The hotels are often set at least 4 pillows on the double bed, but here are the pillows.

Do hotel, then the investor special attention to the quality of the room can not ignore the decoration of the bedroom, bedroom hotel which is considered as criteria for evaluating service quality of the hotel, so the hotel on the world & Vietnam are investing quite a lot of enthusiasm into space bedroom, the space that the customer service experience up to 60%. The best ever sleeping pillows placed on the bed, but here are pillows, pillow top that didn't have a pillow, how to hug... why why talk is focused customer experience without pillow insert….

Why in the hotel does not have a "pillow"? Why?
Why in the hotel does not have a “pillow”? Why?

Hotel no pillow?

In fact, you can pay attention each time the experience at the hotel, each pillow on the bed and have different size, in general, each pillow guaranteed to bring users comfort and beauty the best aesthetic.

You may not know pillows on a hotel bed not only to use but also is decorated indispensable.

Back to the main problem, the hotel has no pillow is guaranteed sleep science most to our customers, in life most of us interested in the length & width of the pillow I use that not to note that if the size knee is not aligned cause the client to pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, neck leads to quality of sleep is poor.

According to many experts in science, then sleeping posture straight straight news is the posture pillow has medium height joints from the head to the neck is best with respect to each person, if you lie, then put a small pillow at the head instead of pillow large size.

So 4 pillows on a hotel bed what effect does it have?

So 4 pillows on a hotel bed what effect does it have?
So 4 pillows on a hotel bed what effect does it have?

After know why the hotel does not have a pillow, you will surely wonder more a problem because stars bed, the hotel has quite a lot of pillows. Here are the the effects of the pillows as this excess:

Decorations effective

The pillows headrest squares, with vibrant colors is your indispensable decoration of bedroom hotel. It works to create highlights for the space and bring warm feeling to the customers.

Place the backrest ideal

Many customers come to the hotel mainly to find space to relax and rest after a long day of work. The pillows this is where the backrest ideal for customers to comfortably watch television, surf the device, read books,...

A sleep science

Some other uses you can't miss the pillows ideas as “excess” in the bedroom, hotel main is to help customers have a sleep science. With 4 pillows for 2 people in the hotel, customers will be able to use a small pillow to under foot, is convenient for the rotation. In addition, customers also can use this pillow to the legs when sleeping, help the process of blood circulation better place really. Thanks to that, customers will have a good night's sleep and most comfortable.

I hope the information that Nam Phong share the above will help so much in explaining why at the hotel, then there is no pillow? is a unit, with many years of providing hotel towels on the market, so we also understand and consultant for many clients. Hopefully the above information will help you somehow.

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