You may not yet know not only the hotel but to the condominium buildings have no 13th floor, that people still shy even this number with the number of houses, number of rooms, number of elevator.... this is extremely interesting, right? So why hotels do not have 13th floor let's Khan Nam Phong find out okay.

Cause the hotel has no 13th floor


Fear of the number 13 comes from the story “Party Cups” in the gospels (Bible). This is considered the last party that Jesus sat with his disciples before the day “good Friday” – the day Jesus was crucified on the cross. In that party, there are 13 disciples, sit with the lord that day. The Bible says that the lord Jesus towards the disciples, and said: “did I Not choose 12 people to the baby? But one of you is a devil”.

The seating arrangements in glass is said to have aroused the superstitious of a division who follow christianity. It is believed that there are 13 guests at a table is a bad omen; or, even worse, is that it's spark for death.

The unlucky, that the number 13 is labeled, then on Friday accidentally leave is the day marking the two major events in The bible: day Eva awarded to Adam apple and the day Jesus died. This is also the day happen many events concussion as: the German bombing Buckingham Palace (Friday 13/9/1940); a tornado that killed more than 300,000 people in Bangladesh (Friday 13/11/1970); the disappearance of an aircraft air force Chile in the Andes (Friday 13/10/1972)...

From the tragedy happens to be on, but this fateful day with films such as “Friday, 6 march 13,” has, as fear of the number 13 is increased, the premise for many stories superstitious later. To mark the fear of this phenomenon, the psychiatrist also invented a special term is “Paraskavidekatriafobiy” (fear of Friday the 13th).

People with a syndrome, this will be very frightened of 13 and will have psychotic symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, panic, rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath when they saw the number 13.

From all the reasons that we can understand that the hotel has no 13th floor, stealth, room number, number of elevator is aimed at helping its customers safety & peace of mind when using the service at the hotel.

Figure 13 is really so dreadful?


Security the world has ever mentioned: fear of the number 13 actually is just superstition. As seen by the church, then it comes in the main from the fears and prejudices wrong. According to father Pavel Ostrovsky, Chief monastery and Uspensky city of Krasnogorsk near Moscow, in conversation with the correspondent Russian magazine Itogi:

“We must remember that we ourselves are the new blacksmith for happiness or unhappiness of yourself – we have the right to decide this. No number or omens that may deprive it of course, if like myself, people don't value something other than that”.

“We need to know the area dangerous to go round to avoid them, so the human brain is always trying to discover this area. And find us now, we understand that the need to learn how to cope with fate, cruel, tamed it, rise above it.”

In the NINETEENTH century, in America there were 13 American self-formed club, “13” in New York city to taunt habits, superstitions and taboos unjustified with respect to the number 13 unlucky this. The CLUB also opening ceremony on Friday, April 13, in room number 13 and money free membership lifetime cost 13 USD. This idea was prompted President Theodore Roosevelt (26th president) of the U.s. amused join the club

House numbers school Alice Moskvina in the exchange with reporters Itogi said: “the number 13 is the beginning of a new cycle, but new ones always contain the explicit should seem as dangerous. Habits of superstition and fear before the number 13 persistent is also due to the fact that people often live by inertia and is governed by the principles of the old skills that are not always applied in new circumstances...”.

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With many years of providing scarf cheap hotels for many large and small hotels all over the country we have to pay attention and be shared about the interesting information this hope with this information will help you understand what it happening is just superstition, not about the number 13.