If the hotel is from 3 to 5 stars, then towel small items, but bring the experience for customers such as towels have special requirements, but not any choose for there is, there are “STANDARD” right. What are the requirements & standards, it is how? the reference article.

5 Standard of towels for hotels from 3 to 5 STARS


Towel material cotton: sure, towel cotton, but is 100% cotton premium from the yarn to weaving technique difficult to decide scarf top quality or not.

Weight scarf: towels for hotels from 3 to 5 stars need to have standards of weight from the beginning should scarf the standard weight scarf. 350g, 500g up to 650g... the higher the weight, the price is high and vice versa.

Scarf thick: this element god technique but need to have to understand to be able to choose which is: you pay attention scarf is woven from 100% cotton premium the cord will be se twisted and woven with double thread, weave very thick closely together should scarf like this holding a very thick, there is no lottery cotton yarn to use, wicking is also much better.

Towels absorbent: yes, the absorbent capacity of the difficult decisions a lot, so if difficult to meet weak good on the towel be sure wicking, very good.

Unit of sale prestigious: today there are many units sold a towel, then through intermediaries should just tell scarf, quality scarf like this the other day, but they don't understand from the hook yarn to weave until out of 1 towel complete, it will be like... he should look to our factory for advice, as well as the purchase is with best quality.

Also towels for the hotel to increase the premium experience to customers, the towels must embroidery logo on demand to the hotel when using memory to your brand.

Address sale of towels, hotel-standard 3 to 5-star top in Viet Nam

Towels Cheap unit with more than 30 years in business as well as provides more than 1000+ hotels spa, large and small have all over the country, we understand the anxiety as well as difficulties when choosing to buy towels for the hotel, the rooms are confident to meet all your requirements:

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