How to wrap towels stars for accurate and simple? You've been to the hotels and resort and found the bath towel in your room. You ever see the movies you love, find actors or used towels to wrap up. And you wonder how can bandanas hotel standards like that? In this article, towels cheap will help you how to wrap is bath towels hotel the right way and simple, okay.

Why perform properly wrap the towel back so important?

The convenience and the way done quickly

The wrap towels the right way will help you save a lot of time and made a quick way, thereby creating an experience effective cleaning.

Skin protection well

The use of bath towels the right way will protect the skin from the impact can cause damage such as Broken, falls, abrasions, or cracks.

Avoid causing infections of the skin and mushrooms

Damp white towel is the ideal environment for the development of bacteria and fungi. Wrap a towel the right way will help you prevent the possibility of bacterial contamination from the surface scarf and leather.

Enhance the experience and personal hygiene 

Wrap a towel how closely to help you feel clean, comfortable and more relaxing.

Why job done properly wrap a towel so important?
Why job done properly wrap a towel so important?

Keep moisture to the body

Wrap towels the right way will help keep moisture for your body and your skin, preventing dry skin condition and stimulate the softness of the skin more.

Make up style and confidence

How to wrap towels can be a part of personal style to your make up confidence when you move in space, private or share with others. Don't hesitate to express his own personality too!

Preserved scarf long

The use of a scarf how to properly help preserve the scarf long, to prevent the cracking and keep the towels are always in good condition.

How to wrap towels, hotel, simple and effective

To wrap the towel hotel is not afraid of slipping towel when commuting, aesthetic then you follow the 5 steps below:

Step 1: Wipe the body dry with a towel

After the bath, your body is very wet and imbalance in body temperature. Let's quickly use a towel to wipe dry the body and balance the temperature on your skin. With ingredients including the cotton fibers absorb water, good for the skin, bath towels also help you rapid elimination of the bacteria harmful on the body and cleanses dead cells on the skin.

How to wrap towels, first wipe it dry with a towel
How to wrap towels, first wipe it dry with a towel

Step 2: Choose towels-sized body

In any towel, hotel rooms are equipped with plenty of towels available size: 60×120 cm, 70×140cm, 80×140 cm,... Please select category bath towels help you feel fit and comfortable. However, if you don't know which type of scarf would match his, select the type 70×140 cm, because this is the bath towels are the most common size in all hotel today, in accordance with every physique different body.

Choose towels-sized body
Choose towels-sized body

Step 3: Put the bath towel on the body

After selecting the towel, put the towel on the body. Towel holder horizontally and hold the two corners on the same towel. When you have gripped the top 2 towels, put the towel let's stretch the towel in the direction from the rear up in front of the body so that 2 the edge of the towel in the forward direction and balance.

Put the bath towel on the body
Put the bath towel on the body

Step 4: Wrap the towel around your body

After he had pulled the towel for balance, use one hand to pull the towel closer towards the armpit direction of handedness, hand rest hold on head scarf left to avoid being sprung. So wrap tightly up the body override the previous section, so that the towel tightly wrapped in.

Wrap a towel around the body
Wrap a towel around the body

Step 5: Tighten the towel tightly to avoid burst out

Next, you put niches 2nd on the horizontal edges on top of the scarf (above the chest) that was sure to not slip when moving. You should leave a large part of scarf balance. At the same time this will bring a beauty for you, when you wrap up.

Scarf knots tightly to avoid burst out
Scarf knots tightly to avoid burst out


On this is the way bandanas hotel incredibly simple for you. You just need to strictly follow the above ways, you can wrap are towels in a easy way and the most accurate enough. With the wrap towels properly, you will feel comfortable and relaxed with high quality good will bring cool feeling, keeping the moisture balance for your skin. Waiting for something that is not done right, everyone.

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