Hotel towels are used throughout the hotel. The problem of dirty towels, cling these difficult-to-wash is something naturally. By towels are fiber cotton wicking, extremely good, so the quality tough to remove as colored water is very difficult to clean them. How sanitary towel, hotel only here is put into the washing machine for professional use combined detergents to clean up these stubborn stains him. But with the way this was not totally clean but also fast broken towel again.

So today, Towels Cheap will help you to know how sanitary towel, hotel cleanest ensure the durability of the towel is not wear and tear through repeated washing, okay.

The Harmful Effects Of Sanitary Towels Wrong Way

As noted above, with the stubborn stains that we only apply the regular washing will cause harm to the scarf that stains not reduced significantly. The type of scarf the hotel today is mostly white, so the sanitary towel is also quite difficult. With other colors mixed into the white of the towel will do towels take more aesthetic, decrease the value of the hotel room at significantly if the type of this scarf.

Not only that, wash it the wrong way will cause ruffled fur scarf by the strong detergents, causing discomfort to users. With detergent, is removed not clean will be residues chemical on scarf influence health clients.

How Sanitary Towel, Hotel The Right Way

To perform washing, sanitary towel the right way does not affect the quality of the towel, then you take advantage of the following tips:

Hot Soapy

With hot soapy water can make towel soft quick-and gave up the dirt easily. With how to make this very easy, you just need to prepare enough soap with the number of towels that you want to dry. Then boil the water to heat to about 60 ° C, then pour in the towel. Please soak the towel for about 15 – 20 minutes then washing normal scarf.

With this approach you will eraser is clean the stubborn stains, kill bacteria on the towel and deodorant in an effective way. Note, should not be poured too much scarf, or too hot water will not bring the desired effect.

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vệ sinh khăn
Wash with hot soapy

Fabric Softener Hot

't own what washing, soak towel with fabric softener hot well is the sanitary towel is extremely effective. When you wash towels of soap can't clean all be so very easy to cause skin irritation for users. You need to do next is exhaust towels to thoroughly get rid of soap residue on the towel.

To make way exhaust this scarf, you be prepared amount of water discharge enough with the scarf is exhaust then also bring water to a boil, about 60 degrees C and well-mixed water drain with hot water. After the mixture to dissolve all put a towel in the mixture of fabric softener hot. Soak them for about 30 minutes to 1 hour and then squeezed and dried.

vệ sinh khăn khách sạn
Discharge hotel towels with fabric softener hot

Laundry With Vinegar

With towels, stain or color is no longer as beautiful as the original, you should wash towels with vinegar. To implement this approach is very simple, you only need to dissolve the vinegar with water in a ratio of 3 parts water to 1 part vinegar, then bring mixture to come to boil. Wait until mixture is heated to about 60 ° C please remove towel to soak until the water cools then put in washing normal washing

Note: With vinegar has acidity is quite high, so when removed the towels into the washing is very easy to cause corrosion cage washing. So encouraged, laundry towels, hotel hand will ensure over.

Làm sạch khăn đúng cách
Washing towels with vinegar

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On here are some ways sanitary towel hotel that Towels Cheap want to share with you. Hope can help you to have more experience in the laundry becomes simpler and more effective. Or if you have changing needs hotel towels premium new can also contact to Towels Cheap via EM 0903 367 867 to be able to buy scarf high quality with best price.