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Top 10 model uniform massage the most beautiful will be Nam Phong introduction in the following article. Here are both models, uniform, impressive, unique and are getting a lot of spa facilities favourite selection. Take a few minutes to learn something more. Hope to give interesting information for you to read.

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Color Uniform, Beautiful Massage, Is Selling at Nam Phong

Dark Pink

Template, uniform, pink make up craze by beauty, gentle, feminine. Uniforms are many spa facilities order because there are many outstanding advantages. This is a template, uniform, according to the ministry. The top is short sleeve badger, bottom is a trousers government to heel.

Gay homeless spa of Sika Spa pink

Looking through the overall product is quite simple. But still keep the elegance, elegant and modern. Design V-neck cool and lightweight. The form within quite wide to help staff to easily work and move. Face on your shirt with embroidery brand logo to help brand identity better. Under flaps jacket has two pockets sewing small can tolerate some small personal.

Material of model a pink uniform is cotton cold. This material helps the wearer feel very pleasant and comfortable. Despite working for a long time, still not get the secret skin due to its ability to absorb sweat well. The surface fabric is soft, natural, very easy to dry and preserve.


Template, uniform, massage, blue is one of the models, uniform, best-selling in Nam Phong. Attract the attention of the look by beauty, elegant and chic. As well as pattern pink uniform, uniform, massage, blue has the combination synchronization between the jacket and pants.

Coat uniform, Spa Men's Style

The on the shirt are the highlight is the design neck letter V. yellow border surrounds the help torso shirt a standout. On the edge of the left side, and the coat has snap button set to make a difference in comparison with the uniforms usually. Can be easily noticed, template, uniform, this can add all yellow. The aim of the manufacturer is to help overall product becomes more impressive.

Yellow is mostly used to make the neckline, lacing pocket. Blue still is the dominant color. The uniform was designed with a lot size different. The spa facilities wishing to place models, uniform, massage, beautiful blue ocean, please contact with Men, Style for support and advice.


If a customer favorite colors minimalist but still trendy fashion trends, then don't miss uniform gray. Use cardboard pale gray overall product brings the feeling of lightness, simple but no less attracted.

Sample Spa uniforms, Men Style

The impression of a uniform gray color that is the design detail on the shirt. Designed V-neck as the traditional, but there is more the style of highlight. On the edge of the road just to the left sleeve with applique three buttons button press. Three buttons press this effect fixed form austria, helping dresses right firmly attached to the shirt body. At the same time help the product become more attractive.

Other than the template, uniform, often seen, template, uniform grey, this only have 1 single bag. With this bag, massage can tolerate some personal belongings. However, should not be abused because it is easy to cause inconvenience in the process of work.

Dark Green 

Ignore models, uniform, beautiful massage, deep green, will cause many customers to regret. The color green is so many options because this is a color that aesthetic. Color dark green suit every spa facilities. Tolerant environment use, that is also the reason why green is the priority choice than the other colors.

1 dp thanh muoi spa3

Because of the nature of work of employees of the massage, so the uniforms, designed according to simple criteria – comfortable – durable and fashion. This uniform is manufactured from high quality materials cotton cold high level should be very cool and pleasant. When wearing, bring a sense of nature, absolutely not restrictive.

Uniform color dark green, high durability and duration of long-term use. Spa staff can hand wash or washing machine are. The product will be used long if you know how to preserve and sanitary science.

Pale Pink 

Template, uniform, massage, pale pink get more the interest of customer, by modern design and polite. Template, uniform, pale pink fit both men and women-massage. However, employees tall are the preferred and more used.

dp hong

Characteristics of sample spa uniforms pale pink it's design classic round shape and create form close completely different. Dresses designed a lateral deviation, rather than merely the two sides balance as the template, uniform other. Can be easily seen, the dresses on the right will deflect more than the left. The section between the waist of the jacket has black border highlights, help to create fashionable accents.

Why Choose to Buy, Uniform, Massage, Male Style

  • Have sewing workshop at Ha Noi, ho chi minh CITY.
  • May according to the customer request from 4 sets/1 Model.
  • Diversity color, material for customer choose.
  • Time to complete orders quickly.
  • Fast delivery in Hanoi & ho chi minh CITY.
  • Our team of consultants experienced in the field of spa, beauty salons.
  • As a strategic partner of uniform for many units across the country.
  • Row is check carefully, the right color, material before delivery to the customer
  • Support embroidered brand logo up uniform to the clients.

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