Need to search order uniform, spa Hanoi are increasing. How to set buy is uniform, spa quality with attractive price, it's always the concern of many customers. Understand that mentality, the following article will send to the share useful. The same Nam Phong watch it all now.

10+ Sample Spa Uniforms in Hanoi Most Beautiful


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Why Should Sew Spa Uniforms Nam Phong in Hanoi

  • Have garment factory in Hanoi, ho chi minh CITY.
  • May according to customer requirements from 4 sets/ 1 Model.
  • Varied color, material for clients choice.
  • Time to complete orders quickly.
  • Fast delivery in Hanoi & ho chi minh CITY.
  • Our team of consultants are experienced in the field of spa, beauty salons.
  • As a strategic partner of uniform for many units across the country.
  • Goods are checked carefully, the right color material before delivery to the customer
  • Supports embroidered brand logo up uniform to the clients.

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The Note Of Hygiene, Uniform, Spa

When using, uniform, spa, customer need to note about how to use and preservation. Spa uniforms produced and distributed by brand new, good quality, beautiful form, and durable. However, to use be long still need combined with the preservation of science.

Laundry with washing water dedicated 

Should washing spa uniforms by water washing, dedicated to keep the color uniform, is better. Should not be washed by water remover-calorie too high. This can makes the quality of the uniform is seriously affected. Spa uniforms can hand wash or washing machine are.

Basking in a cool dry place 

To avoid clothes is moisture, mold or adhesive unpleasant odor after washing spa staff need to conduct exposure immediately. Should choose basking in a cool dry place, there is the sun. Should not be exposed in the environment with high humidity.

Treats of the phenomena stains 

In the process of use, spa staff need to pay attention to avoid water, dirt, stains, washing up on the uniform. If the appearance of color stain, stubborn stains need to make immediately handle. Not so long by the time as long the stain as hold on, uniform, cause difficulties in the process of washing and hygiene.

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