Currently, on the Ho Chi Minh city, the spa flourished. It's not difficult to see images the spa facilities are active. Along with the development, there is need to search the sample spa uniforms beauty, is increasing significantly. There are many spa centers are looking for studio production spa uniforms HCM wholesale price. If you have general interest, keep track of articles offline.

10+ Sample Spa Uniforms in ho chi minh CITY Beautiful Latest Updates


3 Note To Have A Uniform Luxurious Spa

Spa uniforms there are so many designs different variety. Reality does not have a general template for this uniform. But, in general, uniform, spa will need to meet at least the basic criteria below.

Modern design & luxury 

Spa uniforms contribute to current professional photo of the spa. Therefore, need to be designed in a modern style and luxury. These designs are too cumbersome or outdated, should not be chosen, because you will lose points in the loss of customers. Moreover, the designs do not match, make the wearer feel not confident.

Should select the template is designed with many different styles. For example: classic style, Korean style, Western style,...Depending on the orientation image-building of the spa, which the spa can weigh a choice of style for design template, uniform.

Color matching 

Uniform spa CITY there are many colors for your reference. Advice is that you should choose those colors are the same with the color of the brand spa. It helps to make the connection tight, bring to an overall effect good. Clients who come to the service experience at the spa, see the synchronicity of color will also feel better.

Fabric material 

High quality materials, fabric is very concern when choosing to buy spa uniforms. Most of the models, uniform, spa today are manufactured with good material, has many advantages. In which there are a number of popular material: cotton, cold, japanese cotton,...Should choose fabric material origin clear to use is long.

7+ reasons to choose Spa Uniforms Nam Phong in ho chi minh CITY

  • Have sewing workshop at Ha Noi, ho chi minh CITY.
  • May according to the customer request from 4 sets/1 Model.
  • Diversity color, material for customer choose.
  • Time to complete orders quickly.
  • Fast delivery in Hanoi & ho chi minh CITY.
  • Our team of consultants experienced in the field of spa, beauty salons.
  • As a strategic partner of uniform for many units across the country.
  • Row is check carefully, the right color, material before delivery to the customer
  • Support embroidered brand logo up uniform to the clients.

Call now 0903 367 867 for advice quotes, templates, spa uniforms, the latest arrival to the customer.

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