Spa Uniforms White

Material: Cotton cold (a Lot of other material more)

Color: more than 100 various color code

Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL. (Tailor-made private)

Place of origin: Vietnam

Special: Get embroidery logo according to customer requirements

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The sample spa uniforms white the majority of the upscale spa by color, elegant shaved as well as can be professional, easy color schemes, as well as striking impression to the customers to experience the service.

Product information

Color: White

Size: S, M, X, XL, XXL, XXXL,...

High Quality Fabric: Cotton, Cold, Cool

Embroidered Logo: Yes

Sample Request: From 4 upwards.




Spa uniforms white with high aesthetics, mix trends is a uniform spa is the most popular today. This is also the form of the uniform was very much the spa facilities choose to invest in construction of images for its employees. Let's take a moment to learn more about this uniform through the following article here.

Characteristics need to know about spa uniforms white 

Spa uniforms is what?

Spa uniforms are the uniforms used at the spa facilities, beauty salon, hospital, professional aesthetic. Casual uniform, spa are designed to cater for the staff, management, technical institute are working at the spa. They are the ones who directly interact with customers, so the choice of uniform star for matching is a very important thing.

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Spa uniforms can greatly affect the image of the spa. Not simply dresses for staff to wear. Moreover, uniform, contribute to embody the photos of the spa there. Spa have professional or not, images of spa like how...part will show through the uniform used by their employees.

Spa uniforms white what's the difference? 

Spa uniforms there are so many different colors: spa uniforms, black, uniform, spa, orange uniform, spa blue,...But in that selected the most not to mention, uniform, spa white. Defining characteristics of the sample, uniform, this is used tones and white.

Spa uniforms, white has many outstanding advantages. White brings a sense of luxury, modern and elegant. On the other hand, white is suitable for everyone of all ages. From the front desk, to the technical staff or management spa can wear white without the fear of lack of aesthetics.

Spa uniforms white has many diverse styles

There is one thing that customers rarely pay attention. It is uniform, spa white are many types of diversity with many designs. But, can be divided into 2 basic types: uniform, spa, traditional white, and spa uniforms and white combination.

Spa uniforms of Venus white + grey material cotton

With uniform white traditional is the template, uniform, only use white cardboard, for overall all uniform. No combination with other colors. Template, uniform, white media will be more suitable with the spa facilities love the minimalism.

For sample spa uniforms and white combination, the characteristics of of them there is the interweaving, combined with the other colors. The aim is to help products that emphasize more prominent. The color should match the same is bright colors: orange, blue, red,...

The selection & use of spa uniforms white 

Reference brand Male Style

When choosing to buy, uniform, spa, white, customers need to care about the quality of the product. Should choose to buy the uniforms at the prestigious brand to be secured and commitment to quality. There are many brands that are produced provide spa uniforms. However, be appreciated, and the address should be the best choice – brand Style.

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Customers come to Nam Phong, will be consulting on the pattern spa uniforms white latest. More women will be consulting on material products, as well as the design style. Nam Phong dedicated support customer, until the customer options form, spa uniforms like the best.

Order by number of 

If the customer want to save the maximum cost and have the opportunity to enjoy attractive discount, useful advice is you should order according to the quantity. If retail purchase 1-2 pcs, the product price corresponds to the price of the retail market. For spa, will not bring many benefits.

Customer order for the spa in need of quality spa uniforms should order according to the quantity. Ordering in bulk will have the opportunity to enjoy a discount for agents. Besides being free service stamping logo and free delivery. There are many practical benefits, you should not miss it.

Note to avoid stains cling to

Spa uniforms white has one drawback is very vulnerable, and dirt. If there are stains stain color stick up, very easy to notice and do affect the overall aesthetic of the uniform. Therefore, employees in the process of wear should be kept carefully in order to avoid to stain up tarnish color.

Hygienic storage the right way 

In the case of uniform is dirty it should proceed immediately. Should use water washing dedicated to clean stains. Or you can refer to the tip folk to cleanse the stains in the fastest time. When was clean stains, users need to expose in a cool dry place, avoid a humid place.

The best way is you should dry in a place with sunshine. Heat from the sun helps, uniform, dry faster and scented natural. After drying should be stored clean for re-use for times up next

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