Preserved towel spa is a safe in the knowledge that any one centre, beauty care, would also need to equip themselves. Scarf is one of those materials will be in direct contact with the skin of the face and body of the client. Therefore, if you don't know how sanitary towels, spa towels, moldy, smelly and not clean, non-sterile, ... will be able to affect the quality of service. So, how to wash towels spa, the most reasonable is what? Find out now following you!

Why should wash towels spa the right way?

Towel spa is a kind of towel for the spa or aesthetic beauty. Scarf will often have many types of material as well as different size, for the services separately. This is the kind of scarf will be in direct contact with the client's body as well as with the essences, the american beauty products. Therefore, if there is no way to preserve towel spa reasonable, we would be very easy to stain, there are unpleasant odors and mildew attack.

For the towel spa so, the spa care of your beauty sure you will not be able to use to serve our customers. And this will not affect small to business after business. The reason is because scarf yellowing staining and smell will impress not good about your spa. Bacteria from the towel will cause damage and affect the health as well as skin of the customer. But new investments regularly, it will be very expensive.

Therefore, the only way it is you need to wash towels spa reasonable and proper.

wash towels spa
Maintain dry towel regularly to scarf always guarantee the softness and clean white as new

Instructions how to wash towels spa the right way

Scarf is used for the center beauty care today are extremely diverse in design and color and size. Therefore, when washing towels, spa, people need to note follow the correct process is as follows:

  • Step one: conduct classification towel before washing. Attention should be paid to own scarf cotton and linen microfiber. Need to separate the kinds of white towels and towel color.
  • Step two: Proceed to handle the stubborn stains in a towel with the most suitable chemical. For example, for the the sticky dirt of nutrients beauty or the mold, you can use white vinegar or baking soda to clean. Here are the ingredients safe and extremely effective in eliminating the type of mold on the towel.
  • Step three: Proceed to washing towels in the washing powder is suitable. Should give preference to choose the kind of water washing instead of washing powder for washing powder, hardly soluble than water washing. Therefore, if the laundry is not carefully, washing powder will crept in the fibers of the towel and affect the process of use, even provoked irritation of the skin.
  • Step four: Proceed to rinse the towel with water discharge fitting. Priority types of water discharge has the ability to soften the fabric and hosted incense gently.
  • Step five: bring towel, basking in the sunshine or go dry.
  • Step six: Take the towel away ironing and flat scarf.
  • Step seven: conducting stacking and storage towel spa in the place of dry, cool place.

Besides, to ensure the process of washing towel spa goes smoothly, you should choose the type of towel spa prestigious and best quality. Because if you buy to the kind of cheap, poor-quality goods. Whether dry towel spa properly or well preserved to where the towel will quickly mold, decent fiber and affect the process of the service experience of customers. Therefore, choosing a venue supply kinds of towels spa with price, reputation and quality is one of the things that many spas need to be interested in.

preserved towel spa
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