Towel spa is in common use to help improve the quality of spa services, beauty. After a period of use, the towel will get dirty or stain. So how to wash towels spa how to properly ensure safe and effective? Let's Khan Nam Phong discover now the revealing look.

Why need to wash towels spa the right way?

Many people believe that washing towel spa as well as washing the line often, just put in the washing machine and press the button, after this is done, then dried out, is trying towel spa clean and beautiful as italy. However, that is the mistake that most people make.

Towel spa is made from the different materials will have the how to dry and preserve different. Therefore, the washing towels the right way is essential.

How to wash towels spa right will help protect towel durable longer
How to wash towels spa right will help protect towel durable longer

Towels are washing properly will help to ensure the durability of the towel, securing the feature scarf convenience.

The scarf pattern spa after a period of use, will have signs of dust or dirt to cling to. The use towel spa often make towel is damp to create conditions for bacteria to grow. Towels are used at the spa usually for the purpose of skin care, dry skin or cleansers dead cell on the skin... so, you need to wash towels spa fast, secure, and suitable for holding towels are always clean.

Line towel spa should be frequent washing and exposure to dry. This is also a way to help the customer to use the services of your spa does not suffer from the irritation of the skin, avoid from bacteria, limiting the impact on health and skin.

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How to wash towels spa fast, secure and efficient

Most of the line spa is made from high quality materials cotton, or microfiber. With each type of material, you will need to have the washing towels respectively to ensure effective washing. First of all, you need to understand the process how to wash towels spa standards. With respect to the line towel spa in the laundry scarf brand out in some of the following steps.

How sanitary towel spa how quickly and effectively?
How sanitary towel spa how quickly and effectively?
  • Classification towel spa fit: towel material any color (should be to the colored scarf, and white towels separately when washing have to worry about color fading).
  • Stubborn stains should be treated with chemicals ago. Especially the mildew stains and yellowed should be thoroughly washed before feeding into the washing together with other types.
  • How sanitary towel spa cotton with water often and washed at least 1 time/week. Should you use fabric softener professional use, should not use the bleach too strong, especially with respect to the line color. You should be washing with vinegar mixed baking soda 1 time/month and dipped the towel in warm water for about 5p. This will help scarves can remove the bacteria.
  • Wash towels microfiber with should soak a towel in warm water and washing water dedicated for towels microfiber. To about 15-30 minutes to stain less adhesive on the fabric. Hygiene loop through and then put into the washing machine at the average level. Remember, you should not be washing the number of towels to avoid hard case washing does not remove all stains.
  • After washing the towels, you come dried, flattened towel and place them on a towel to dry and ventilated place.

Most interesting cycle on how to wash towels spa ensure a clean towel will be and remain durable. If you are interested in the health and skin, for sure you'll need clean towel spa to the customer can use a safe, comfortable.

Unveil things to note when sanitary towel spa

How to wash towels spa standards will help the towels are durable for longer. however, you should also refer to a number of things to keep in mind while washing below:

Should use chemical energy sufficient when cleaning towel spa
Should use chemical energy sufficient when cleaning towel spa
  • Use the amount of detergent accordingly, should Not use too much detergent will cause damage the textured yarn, make scarves quickly broken, fiber fast is the podium.
  • How sanitary towel efficient but still help the towels durable as you don't wallpaper use more emollient. The fabric softener (the kind of fabric softener),
  • Classification towel apparently, no general washing towel spa with other materials.
  • After washing and drying, drying towels, should be preserved in the well-ventilated area, avoid damp places can be eligible to the harmful bacteria multiply.

On this is the unveil on how to wash towels spa standards and safe for the skin. Hopefully with what we've provided will help the unit spa has more useful experience.

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