Resume For Business License What Is The Hotel?

In the journey of starting a business hotel is one of the important steps and can not lack is the license of the hotel business. So resumes business license what is the hotel? Hotel business need license what? How to register business hotel is like? Invite you to read through the article below!

Everything about resumes license business hotel

Before we dig into how to prepare resume for business license, hotel, let's learn a little bit about the business license what is the hotel, okay!

Resume for business license what is the hotel?

Resume for business license what is the hotel?
Resume for business license what is the hotel?

Distribution business hotel is a legal document that important that you need to legal business, in a hotel in Vietnam.

It is a way for the government to ensure that your business comply with the regulations and standards necessary to ensure the safety and comfort for customers, as well as the standard business hotel.

How to register business hotel is like?

The specific steps in the preparation of resumes license business hotel include:

Collect necessary paperwork

To start the process of obtaining permits, business hotel, you need to prepare the papers and documents required include:

  • Simple business registration: this form is usually supplied in the registry office local business.
  • Identity of the business owner: to verify your identity.
  • Window or proof of position: to prove the address of your business.
  • Certificate in fire safety and fire: this ensures that your property meets the standards of basic safety.

Complete the application for business license

Complete the application for business license
Complete the application for business license

After you have collected enough papers, you should fill out an application distribution business hotel. You need to ensure that all information provided in this application is accurate and complete.

Submission to the competent authority check

Next, you need to submit the record at governing body or local authority having jurisdiction. They will proceed to inspect and review your record.

The benefits of having a business license, hotel

There are a number of benefits that you can get when licensed business hotel:

  • Legalize operation: you can operate in a legal way when there was full of business license.
  • Create trust for customers: customers will be more confident knowing that you have active license.
  • Join the contracts and transactions: a business license is an important factor when you want to join the contract or transaction with the partner, big reputation.

Hotel business need license what? The profile permits business hotels need to be prepared?

When you decide which business hotel, there are a number of papers and important procedures you need to prepare to ensure business operations are done legally and smoothly at Vietnam. Below is a list of important papers that you need:

Business license

This is most important papers to confirm you have the right to business activity. You need to contact the authorities to sign up and receive this license.

Certificate of hygiene and food safety

Certificate of hygiene and food safety
Certificate of hygiene and food safety

If you provide more service restaurant at his hotel, you need to ensure compliance with the rules on food hygiene and certified food hygiene legal.

Certificate of fire safety, fire

To ensure safety for customers and your property, you need to have the certificate of fire safety, firefighting and fire prevention equipment qualified.

Tax documents

You need to register with tax authorities to be granted tax code and track the tax obligations of you.

Papers related to real estate

If you own or lease for the hotel, you need to have the relevant documents like leases, certificates of land use rights, and the text related to real estate.

Certificate of trademark registration

If you plan to use the name or the brand exclusive to the hotel, you need to register your trademark to protect intellectual property rights.

Papers on security and order

Papers on security and order
Papers on security and order

Sometimes, authorities can ask you to provide the papers of security and order at hotels. Therefore, you also need to prepare thoroughly to have various kinds of this paper.

Kết luận

In the starting a business and hotel management, obtaining a business license is an indispensable step. Resumes license hospitality business requires thorough preparation and compliance with the legal regulations. However, once you have acquired this license, you will find it worthwhile by the benefits that it brings for your business.

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