Hotel towel increasingly being used broadly and be more home investment hotel Hai Phong attention. Towels Rates are now offering towel hotels in many hotels, large resorts in Hai Phong. If you are looking for her address to buy scarf prestigious hotels, as well as meet the requirements of price and quality towels then the Towels Cheap brings confidence to experience the best services. So, let's explore the highlights and benefits when ordering towel hotel here!

Towel hotel Hai Phong, including what types are there?

However, only a tiny application, but can not deny the importance of these hotels as they have many uses, both can affect the service experience for guests staying at the hotel. So you have to know to standard star rating, hotel need to have what kind of problems or not?

Face towel

The face cloth is used to clean the facial area, waterproof for guests staying in the room. This is the kind of scarf imperative that large and small hotels which all have a particular need to be frequently cleaned and sanitized thoroughly. Typically, face towel, hotel will be on the staff toilet room new every day to ensure safety for the skin.

Bath towels hotel

Same as face towels, bath towels is also the type of hotel towel indispensable in any hotel, even budget motels. With the hotel or resort, you need equipped with towels dry at the pool area, sauna to help customers get to experience and the highest comfort.

Note: If you are the hotels and resorts standards, from 4 to 5 stars, then, in addition equipped with towels also need to have more bathrobes in the room.

Scarf head wrap – wipes hair

A number of motels and hotels in the midrange, it stays can utilize a towel to wrap the head or dry hair. However, with the high-end hotel, they must be equipped with bandanas own to take little careful for the wet hair, new hair, your guests stay.

Hand towels multipurpose

One of a kind hotel towel is indispensable in the hotel, resort again, it's hand towels multipurpose.

You may have caught, hand towels, multi-function in the area, toilet, sink,... to dry your hands every time-stick water. Towels are also placed in the reception desk, shelf cabinet to serve for the wipe the stain of your stay.

Napkins used in restaurant, hotel

For the hotel, resort standard 4 to 5 stars and above are always equipped with table and chairs for sitting and eating inside the room. And the hotel also service comes served meals at the room whenever required. Therefore, on the table will always be available paper napkins and napkins clean.

Characteristics towel hotel dedicated quality

Depending on the quality of service, the hotel, the hotel towels will also be different, and roughly divided into 2 main groups follows:

  • Group of people: Hotel, motel, motels, hotels from 1 to 2 stars, then towel hotel is not too fussy about the quality, or the quality is not too high, mainly used towels to wipe the person is. May not need a towel or a handkerchief, without stamping logo on the towel, the price of the line is not too high.
  • The senior group Is a group of hotels and resorts from 3 stars and above, towels hotel requires full from towels, face towels, hand towels, foot mats. And each line must have the required size standard, the correct weight, the color hotel towels, then flexibility can that white, brown, or gray.
hotel towels
Depending on the quality of service, the hotel, the hotel towels will also be different

Whatever the case, to assess a towel, premium hotel quality should meet the requirements as follows:

  • The product is woven from 100% cotton nature.
  • The surface fabric is soft, soothing and can absorb well.
  • Safe for skin use.
  • High quality guarantee durable.
  • Aesthetic.
  • Varied color, size.
  • Catch up on all the design trends of the hotels, spas across the country.
  • Special no color fading in high temperature conditions.

Also, there are many ways to evaluate a towel, hotel quality, but most importantly you need to find yourself a supply unit, quality linens, as well as have our factory, long experience to meet your requirements and have the best price.

Towels Cheap – Yard scarf large hotels nationwide

Towels Cheap is workshop towels with long-term activities with more than 25 years production experience and 10 years of providing the towel on the market. Therefore, we understand the wishes of the customer when comes with Towels Cheap.

  • We have 2 warehouses and showrom in ho chi minh CITY.HCM, Ha Noi, are always available in large quantity so you can get to directly see the product and listen to advice about products hotel towels.
  • In addition to production difficulties for the domestic market, Towels Rates are providing exports to countries such as: Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand,...
  • Towels Cheap is a factory direct manufacturer have own factory with modern machinery according to Japanese standards, and skilled craftsmen long years should meet all the orders difficult, as well as create products towels hotel quality offered on the market today.
  • Support test color scarf by color customer request.
  • In addition, we also support embroidery/embossed logo up towel hotel to increase brand awareness.
khách sạn hải phòng
Towels Cheap supply hotel towels across the country

Photos hotel towel do Towels Cheap

towel quality
Khăn Tắm Giá Rẻ dẫn đầu chất lượng

If you need to buy towels, hotel, Hai Phong, don't hesitate to contact Towels Cheap through the Hotline to get advice and the best prices too!

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