Face wipes is one of the incredibly important, which is used daily. However towels cotton wipe, facial, high level, or the product washcloths specialized in spa have many differences. Because the facial skin is often very sensitive, easy to encounter serious problems like pimples, skin inflammation if not, choose the type of wiper properly. Understand the importance that should be up to 99% spa always “picky” in the selection of wipes. So today let's Towels Cheap follow the criteria below to find select the type of face wipes “standard spa” you.

1. The role of the scarf for life today

Towel face cleaning skin of the face after each time the skin is washed or skincare. The use of towels will be fast, convenient and save more. Face towel quick drying of the skin, provides a feeling of comfortable and pleasant. They are also a type of personal belongings indispensable, who also need to equip yourself with a towel wipe your face.

The role of towels cotton wipe face in life
The role of towels cotton wipe face in life

Of course, washcloths will always clean dust and dirt more effectively both hands and water. Especially when using a hot towel, the right also makes the skin brighter. Because it has gently remove the dead cells on the skin, to pay back the healthy and whiter. 

2. Criteria select washcloths standard tuning most

2.1. Choose the scarf of brand safety and credibility

According to many of the reviews from the experts garment industry, there are many production base at present, no credits, in order to save the maximum cost, they often choose cheap materials, poor quality, or more dangerous than that contained the chemical composition is not safe bleach to make towel. Not only cause many serious problems of the skin, but more dangerous increase the risk of skin cancer. 

Choose based on brand reputable or not?
Choose based on brand reputable or not?

Therefore, when choosing this product, the consumer must utmost attention to the label, place of production, should only buy at the manufacturer reputation, the big stores to ensure the rights of consumers such as supermarkets, department stores, big-buy at the trade center....

In addition, customers should also search, consider the source indicated on the label label products, for example: made in Vietnam, made in Korea, made in Japan,....A product washcloths high level, make sure the manufacturer will always mention full information necessary for the customer.

2.2 Selection washcloths are suitable thickness

You should choose the scarf has a thin, moderate when the weather is hot, the temperature as high as in summer. And vice versa, choose scarf thicker for winter. But whether in the weather no matter what, you still should not choose products towel with layered fabric too thick. Because it has the ability to keep the water extremely good hygiene, not thoroughly, dried at a temperature not enough, will create conditions for bacterial growth, harm the skin of the face.

2.3 Priority of our products are made from 100% cotton

The type of scarf lau mặt cao cấp hay khăn lau mặt tại spa sẽ luôn ưu tiên nguyên liệu sản phẩm từ 100% cotton, gỗ sồi, sợi tre hoặc tơ tằm bông, sợi sữa thực vật,….Bởi chúng thường rất an toàn, tốt cho da mặt. Điểm cộng của chúng không chỉ có độ bóng mượt, mềm mại mà còn thấm hút tốt, chống khuẩn và quan trọng là hoàn toàn lành tính cho da mặt. 

Priority choice of cotton
Priority choice of cotton

In addition, when choosing towels, you should also avoid the kind of scarf shaggy. This helps limit the construction, scratch the skin, protect the skin, facial inherently more sensitive compared with the other skin on the body. Especially options towels, baby, who, sensitive skin, or acne prone skin.

2.4 do Not choose towel has many decorative motifs

The decorative motifs such as embroidery, lace, color printing,... on the scarf can bring a lot of risk of injury to the skin. They can scratch, scratched, or even broken the skin during use. More dangerous, color, material pictures, embroidery on towel can also cause poisoning, chemical dyes for the facial skin. 

3. Using cotton towels, washcloths effective and safest

  • Should be classified where to store towels and divided into several categories scarf different. Such as washcloths, towels, dedicated to the hair, towel for the feet. Towels than towels will always be thinner, lighter, in order to ensure the towels clean as possible, be classified and to be in the proper position. 
  • We should change towels new after 30 – 45 days use to ensure the health as well as safety for the skin. This will not only help curb the dead cells saved, but also to ensure the bacteria growing on old towels can cause damage to the facial skin is also removed. 
  • Do not soak too long in the water, basking scarf in a cool place after use.
  • When washing towels should be washed separately with soap, gentle, salt water, or soap-less alkaline and rinse thoroughly with water. okay. 


On is the sum of the basic knowledge of washcloths. From there, you read please always consider choosing products carefully, reputable manufacturer to ensure that the skin of his face is also “own” things of value and quality. Don't forget, khantamgiare is famous brand in Vietnam. Owns the factory, large-scale production, offering diverse type has a different, experiencing the life safety inspections, strict as Korean. Japanese...