You're trading in the sector hotels, motels and are looking for a unit production distribution towel bath towel 30×30 prestigious nationwide. We would like to tell you Towels Cheap privacy is the address quality with good products, competitive price, fast delivery and best service today.

Face towel 30×30 quite important and popular on the market today. We have an important role as a bridge between customers and hotels and motels, as well as through the selection and use of towels will assert the quality of services, as well as the level of business. So buy face towel where's the best?


Characteristics face towel 30x30cm at Nam Phong


– Face cloth is very soft, not stiff, not dry assembly and affect the skin. Anyone can completely rest assured to use from the elderly to children, from those who have sensitive skin to irritation.

Face towel 30×30 always keep the soft, gentle even when wet or has been used in a long time.

– Face cloth is made from the high grade raw material, sourced completely from nature should be guaranteed to be safe as well as does not affect your health when used. In addition, with elegant color and diversity combined with line, modern technology, self-contained, it is difficult to be fading even when they are worn, torn, and prepare to be replaced. 

– Face towel high level very suitable to use for small children, the ones in the family who have skin allergies, prone to pimples.

Face towel 30×30 soft smooth certain ability to absorb water well can 7 times the weight of a towel. The product is durable, does not dry the assembly after use. 

– Towel has antibacterial, keep the scarf always be clean.

Why should buy towels at Nam Phong

Nam Phong is one of the perfect choice for customers when you need to buy bulk towel holiday home hotel in general and face towel 30×30 in particular. Nam Phong is customer trust, choice and long-term cooperation is by the following factors:


– Quality Towels Cheap commitments of products bearing their brand is produced completely from the raw materials come from nature, high level and absolute safety for users. The type face towel, as well as hotel towels or wipes other Male Styles are available absorbency 10-fold compared with the conventional towels on the market. In addition, the towel also has a soft, smooth, very durable with time, high life expectancy, and can be re-used several times extremely savings. In particular, with a team of highly-skilled hands are trained, we guarantee that every scarf is to offer the market are meticulously detailed to each seam.

About the price, with the advantage of our factory as well as direct distribution of products to consumers without going through intermediaries. We are always committed to face towel 30×30 Men Style we're always cheaper than the same products in the market. In addition, when you choose to Nam Phong is specialized in supplying wholesale across the country, you won't need to worry about the problem of product origin, and source of goods is always stable in bulk. Only need customer needs are Male Style, can meet a maximum.

In addition, Male Style also provides additional services such as logo print, in the message, produced upon request in large quantities. Along with it's own team of customer care professional, always conscientious, enthusiastic and willing to answer any questions as well as detailed explanation about the product or the service that our customers enjoy using our products and services at Nam Phong. 

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