Towel Microfiber the name is very familiar to us, along with the features and broad application of it such as the use of bath towels, wipes, car wipes household furniture,... But there are some you've heard of it but don't really see or have seen somewhere that hasn know this is kind of difficult thing. Let us find out towel Microfiber is what? it has the characteristics, uses, how?

Towel Microfiber is what?

You can see towel Microfiber have fibers are very small and smooth. Yarn is the size of 1/100 strands of hair should be towel is woven from microfiber thread will have countless small holes. Type this yarn is fiber Microfiber constructed from yarns, chemical synthesis, which has 2 components mainly Polymide and Polyester or from the other natural material such as Cellulose, Carbon Hydrate the plant.

Thanks be made of the material should be towels are absorbent and dry fast. So be very widely used both in business and the family.

Towel Microfiber is what?
Towel Microfiber is what?

Special primacy of towels Microfiber

Bring comfortable feeling

Towel with Microfiber thread super small and has a lot of holes for ventilation should be waterproof and sweat-absorbent ultra-fine, breathable quickly, making for towel use always dry, bring a sense of soft, pleasant, density on the scarf will be thicker protected extremely well with the skin of the users.

towel Microfiber Bring comfortable feeling
towel Microfiber Bring comfortable feeling

Highly durable

With material Microfiber get the app innovative textile techniques should structure structure scarf, very tight, very durable through the years, difficult to fade color though experiencing washings and still keep the original form, original, no shedding or flying dust cloth. In addition to this characteristic help for towel Microfiber no crumpled and not wrinkle after a period of use.

towel Microfiber always ensure safety
towel Microfiber always ensure safety

Those who have skin sensitization shall be peace of mind when use the towel Microfiberbecause towels are made from high quality materials so it is very safe and user friendly. Does not cause skin diseases or health and do not cause discomfort when using.

Is resistant to moisture, mold superior

Towel Microfiber có khả năng rất đặc biệt là khi giặt hay sử dụng khăn để lau thì nước không thấm vào các sợi của khăn nhưng lại thấm vào khoảng cách giữ các sợi. Khăn khá dày nên có thể thấm hút nước gấp tới 7 lần so với trọng lượng của nó và nhanh khô hơn các loại khăn thông thường gấp 3 lần. Vì thế sẽ không có nước động lại trên các sợi khăn nên khả năng ẩm mốc trên khăn hoàn toàn triệt để.

Has antibacterial,

Towel Microfiber capable of high anti-bacterial thanks to the material made of natural materials and technology resistant bacteria on the towel. So, can remove bacteria up to 99% compared with the conventional towels just remove is 30% bacteria. Prevent pathogen attack and cause harm to the health of the users.

towel Microfiber has antibacterial,
Towel Microfiber has antibacterial,

Use of towels Microfiber

  • Towel Microfiber be used as bath towels, hand towels, face towels or baby wipes are safe;
  • Used to clean car car, not scratched car after a period of use, because yarn scarf very smooth and no dust in the towel;
  • Use to wipe the floor, sad, bathroom and the furniture in the family;
  • Use to wipe the glass very efficiently, leaving no trace quằng on the glass;
  • Sanitary electronic devices such as Television, camera, refrigerator, telephone very reasonable;
  • Used as a scarf, sport, fitness, Gym or Yoga
  • Is used more in the hotel, Spa, restaurant,...
Use of towels Microfiber
Use of towels Microfiber

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Laundry and storage towel Microfiber how is the standard?

In addition to the advantages of towel Microfiber the preservation and wash towels the right way will determine the durability of the towel. By any objects too, if not properly preserved very quickly broken. Please refer to how to dry and preserve towel following:

  • Washable both by machine and by hand without tassels;
  • Should dry the detergent washing, washing powder, neutral laundry yet over and squeezed dry;
  • Should not use the dryer to dry towels;
  • Exposure on a shade, avoid direct sunlight will increase the endurance of the towel;
  • Should wash towels in temperature from 30 to 45 degrees C will help the towel is always soft, not dry towels, avoid washing water is too hot will cause scarf is nhủn, metamorphic and bucket feathers.
Laundry and storage towel Microfiber
Laundry and storage towel Microfiber

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