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Towel spa Bến Tre is the type of scarf specialized in the spa facilities modern. Towel spa is used at the base spa Bến Tre, as well as the type of towel spa other, need to be preserved properly. If the user use and stored properly, will help the towel has good color fastness, and for the time long-term use. Let's follow the following article to understand more about this issue, please.


Guide to using and preserving towel spa Bến Tre 

Product classification 

The spa facilities after receiving the towels should not be used always. You should check back digital products. If the product is defective by the manufacturer, should ask the right support. Before use, the spa staff should proceed categorized the products in order to avoid confusion. At the same time to convenient use in time to come.

Ví dụ như với dòng sản phẩm towels, các loại khăn đó cần được xếp riêng với nhau. Không nên để chung với khăn mặt hoặc khăn body. Mỗi loại khăn nên có sự sắp xếp ngăn nắp và gọn gàng.

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Bên cạnh việc phân loại sản phẩm theo công dụng. Bạn cũng nên lưu ý đến cách phân chia towel spa Bến Tre theo màu. Tùy vào chủ đích của chủ cơ sở spa mà màu sắc của khăn sẽ không cố định. Nếu khăn spa có nhiều màu khác nhau, nhân viên nên phân theo màu sắc. Những loại khăn cùng cùng 1 loại sản phẩm, nên được xếp chung với nhau.

For example, with the towel body spa, choose 3 colors separately. Please arrange 3 colors that own each other. However, the same is a kind of towel body but the color is categorized compartment lid is also shown to be the professional of the spa.

Wash towels spa

When buying a new scarf, spa, clients should not use the towel now. Make laundry scarf one turn before putting them into practical use. Towel spa can hand wash or washing machine are. You can wash the towel with water washing dedicated to cleaning towel. Often new towels, basically was very clean.

But, in the process of shipping the product is wrapped by the plastic bags packed in the container. That's what makes scarf spa Bến Tre to have an unpleasant odor. To completely remove the smell clinging on the scarf, so washing once to keep the scarf is clean and in best quality.

Should not loop scarf too strong in the case of washing by hand. When washing, so washing separately each kind of color. Note with products, towel, spa, white, absolutely do not washing in common with the colored napkins and other. If accidentally general washing, towel spa white very easy to be pitch black in color and is a serious impact on the aesthetics.

Exposure scarf in a cool dry place 

Towel spa Bến Tre want to use, long lasting, users need to know the characteristics of them. Scarf can mold if exposed scarf in wet conditions. So, after washing the scarf, you should dry towel in a cool dry place, there is the sun. Duration of exposure scarf also depending on the size and weight of the products.

In good weather conditions, duration of exposure scarf only about 2-3 hours. Exposure is finished, the towel scented with natural, totally not moldy or unpleasant, such as basking in the house.

How to fold towels professional 

Towel spa not only is the apps, widgets important but also the image icon for the spa. So, when folded towel employees need special attention. 't have to fold towels, how well is. The folding towels should ingenious fold the scarf according to the contour edge of the product.

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Moreover, on the towel spa will be embroidered/ embossed brand logo. When folding the towel should be to reveal the logo image out. The aim is to help mature ingenious image spa at the same time help products that are more aesthetically pleasing.

How to handle damp, mold, odors 

After a period of using, if the towel spa Bến Tre manifestations moldy or has a foul odor, then the need to conduct the processing now. You can apply a number of simple tips to handle the moisture. For example, use vinegar, baking soda, lemon,...Should be selected natural materials, capable of flying moisture effectively.

Or spa please refer to the washing water has high detergent, the washing water dedicated to handle mold/ odor/ stains. However, should learn about the country of origin of the product, to avoid purchasing counterfeit goods, poor quality.

Change the towels periodically 

Towel spa Ben Tre province in particular and the line towel spa in general cannot be used forever. Time-use towels are durable or not is due to the preservation and hygiene. However, after a time, you need to change the towels periodically.

Should I change the difficulty in the case, the towel has many manifestations: ruffled feathers, foul, moldy...That the phenomenon that can not be overcome by the tip usual.

The changing of towels periodically to help protect the health of users, customers and staff the spa. Scarf is the product in direct contact with the skin, so it is necessary to focus on quality factor.

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On this is the share about how to preserve sanitary towel spa. Hope to give useful information. Customer needs to put the towel spa, reference brand new right now. Men Style are always happy to assist and answer any customer's comments. Sincerely thank you!