In more recent years, the situation of economic development of Dak Lak grow stronger. Along with that, the need to use towels spa is becoming increasingly popular. One of the brand are the spa facilities especially love is towel spa Dak Lak của Nam Phong. Thương hiệu Nam Phong luôn có sự khác biệt với các thương hiệu khác. Chính điểm này giúp Towels Cheap ngày càng khẳng định được vị thế của mình trên thị trường.


Difference of towel spa Dak Lak is located in South Style 


Towels Cheap material, clear and transparent. Material of the towel spa Southern Style: cotton material & material microfiber. Both this material has many advantages: the ability of absorbing water super top safety benign with every skin. Scarf have high color fastness, duration long-term use.

Towel spa Men Style there is good material, high durability 

Material of the scarf, Male Style are check very tight and strict. Therefore, right from the stage of input of the production process, the material has been tested. Only when the right material in which the customer sets material, good quality guarantee, the Southern new Style conduct manufactured according to order.

The two materials above are two quality basic material. In case the client needs to set the type of material, other, Men can still support and responsive.


If other units are only some certain colors, the Southern Style make a difference because there are dozens of varied colors. The color of the scarf spa has many color tones: red, orange, pink, moss green, sky blue, gray, light brown, dark brown,..With the towel spa have request about the color, the price will be difference than products towel spa usual white.


The scarf pattern spa Dak Lak Nam, Phong manufacturing and supply has a modern design and luxury. The only subtle, sure, absolutely no phenomenon scarf frayed or excess fabric. 4 around of the scarf are sewn by the directive, should form the complete frame.

The highlight of the design of the towel spa Nam Phong, which is available embroidery brand logo. Logo is embroidered on hand towel in a convenient location to look. Logo is embroidered onto many deep value. Not only helps scarf has aesthetic value, but also can convey, effective communication.

Logo is embroidered on the scarf helps to visualize the spa is more widely known. Clients who come to the spa experience, hand towel spa Dak Lak is also visible logo of the spa. From which angle to look more sympathy about the professionalism and dedication of the brand spa.


Scarf pattern body, Thanh Xuan Spa (Purple Cotton)

Towel spa Style Men committed to have good prices on the market

Compared to other units, Nam Phong make a difference by attractive prices. The price for the product line towel spa Dak Lak is highly preferential. Customers wishing to place towels in bulk, will have the opportunity to enjoy discount super terrible. Discount this will be in the process of working with you.

Nam Phong là đơn vị chuyên cung cấp scarf wholesale prices, do đó khách hàng cần lưu ý. Mức giá mà Nam Phong đưa ra cam kết là mức giá tốt nhất trên thị trường. Mức giá có sự canh trạnh cao, ưu đãi với mọi khách hàng.

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The note when using towel spa Dak Lak Men's Style 

  • The spa facilities Dak Lak when using towel spa Men's Style should note about the problem of preservation and hygiene. Scarf it is necessary to clean periodically to keep the good quality and long-lasting durability. Should wash by water washing for professional use, should not wash it by water type cleaners that contain many chemical bleach. The type of such water, making the color towel affected.
  • Khăn spa Nam Phong có nhiều loại khác nhau, vì vậy nhân viên spa trong quá trình vệ sinh nên phân loại trước khi giặt. Ví dụ như dòng khăn tắm, bạn nên giặt khăn tắm riêng, sau đó mới đến the type of scarf khác. Cũng không nên giặt chung các màu khăn với nhau vì dễ làm cho chúng bị loang màu.
  • Towel spa Dak Lak Nam, Phong production can hand wash or washing machine are. After washing, you should expose scarf in a cool dry place. If exposure in places with lots of natural sunlight are very good. The scarf is very easy to dry, usually only after 2-3h clock is towel will dry.
  • You should be stowed when not wishing to use, which aims to save space. Towel spa should be clearly categorized for the convenience of clients who come to the spa service experience.
  • Moreover, after some time you should proceed rather new. Average lifespan of towel spa is 4-8 months. After that period, if the scarf is fading or phenomenon frayed fabric frayed only then should proceed to the new product. New products will be to help serve customers better.

Here is the information on the towel spa Dak Lak, which you should learn. If there is a need to put the towel spa, please contact with Men, Style for support details. We are always ready to listen and answer all of your questions.