Needs to buy towel spa Ha Tinh due to rising spa services, grows stronger. Each spa facilities need to have tens to hundreds of kinds of towels, spa, diverse. The set retail purchase will cause costly cost. So many customers are always wanting to find put the towel right at the factory.


The benefits when booking towel spa Ha Tinh at factory

Cost savings

The first benefit that we easily see that it is solved the problem of finance. If ordered towels according to the number of retail purchase discrete you will lose a lot of cost. This is not consistent with spa by spa need towels in bulk. If you buy retail, then your cost of investing will make the home spa facility to “headache” considerations.

Placing the towel spa at the will save is financial a maximum. Customers can still get the amount and quality of the towel as desired, but with attractive prices to the unexpected.


Most of the factory will have preferential rates for customers to place towels in bulk. Discount will be per unit informed in detail during the consultation and exchange.

Synchronized towel spa from material to form

If set towel spa in the form of retail purchase, will be very difficult to choose buy towels in a synchronized way. You have to order the scarf in many different facilities, each facility will have design color difference. So this makes for a towel spa, there is no synchronization.

In the case of laying a towel spa in a production studio, unique, customers will easily check the quality of the towel right from the start. To when the product is finished, the synchronization of product form. To avoid the state of confusion or misleading.

Unveil the address set towel spa Ha Tinh original price

Today on the market there are multiple units provide towels spa with plenty of sample code and form diversity. Helpful tips with our customers that is if you put towels according to the number, put the scarf for dealer wholesale prices, they must search address production-cum-distribution.

A hint is most suitable factory towel spa Southern Style. Nam Phong is the leading brand currently specializing in manufacturing as well as distribution towel spa quality. The scarf pattern spa Ha Tinh brand Male Style, has made a very good impression with consumers.

Men Style there are production workshop with a large area, our team of workers abundantly. The process of production strictly, have applied the technology advanced manufacturing. All ready to set up a professional process to serve the orders of customers.

The note when placing the towel spa at the Nam Phong

Determines is required to put the towel 

Towel spa Men Style there are several different types: towels, face towels, hand towels, bed linen, towel hair wrap...Customers need to clearly identified needs before ordering. With the spa facility would need full 7 types of towels. If with the spa facilities already in operation, the spa should check back the towels are and given the number of towels need to order.

Contact the hotline 

When placing a towel spa Ha Tinh customers can contact the hotline number of Men to be supportive and answered. Men Style, there are always staff consultant permanent, ready to advise and to remove any questions of our customers.

With embroidery/ embossed logo professional

Bed Linen Spa Cotton premium Men Style Color Moss Green Pale 90x190cm |

Today, with the orders in large numbers, Men are implemented and applied embroidery services/ stamping logo on the towel. The Logo is embossed on the product has more practical significance. Not only helps for products that are more aesthetically pleasing but also make the image the spa became professional. Logo is embroidered/ embossed at the position easy to see, thuan eyes and carefully weighed before implementing.

Attractive prices 

Put towel spa Ha Tinh, customers can fully assured of the price. Nam Phong is our factory reputation, so will have attractive price for all customers. Even with the customer first visit to the towel spa Southern Style also will have the opportunity to enjoy the special discount.

Commitment to quality products

Nam Phong commitment to quality products. Therefore, if the product is defective by the manufacturer, we would take full responsibility. Spa facilities, beauty salon when you receive the product, have the right to inspect goods. Product not in accordance with requirements already placed, please contact us for advice now.

Nam Phong positive recognition of the contribution comments

All comments and suggestions of the customers about services, products, or other related matters, please contact to Nam Phong. Men are always willing to listen and record. The contribution of customers will help Men Style more complete.With the devotion and efforts, Male Style are step by step, building brand become the provided address scarf no. 1 in the domestic market as well as international.

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