Towel spa in Hai Phong is the line dedicated user for the spa facility on the city of Flamboyant Red. Along with the strong development of industry, spa services, a search needs and own line towel spa quality is increasing. Therefore, many of the spa facility was looking to the South to be provided towel SLL with attractive price. Take a few minutes to learn more about the above issues through the following article.


About Southern Style – our factory scarf credits 

Nam Phong is perhaps the name was so familiar in the field of towel manufacturing spa. Mark strong, in the heart of the customers about the professional image and devotion, Male Style always effort to produce the best quality products. We are known to our factory scarf no. 1 in Vietnam. Men Style there are production workshop, has a distribution system. Therefore, all stages from production to stitch hand over shipping, we take a cycle around.

Bed linen beautiful, high-grade and cheap price for Spa – CO. KHAN NAM PHONG

Nam Phong is factory scarf no. 1 in Vietnam

Today, Men Style, there are two representative offices in Hanoi and Saigon. Customers can contact to 1 in 2 above address are. We have the hotline number and the channel connecting modern: website, fanfage, the so customers can contact anytime when you need. Nam Phong has a team of counselors, enthusiastic, attentive, ready to answer any of your questions in the shortest time.

Nam Phong focus manufacturing all kinds of towel spa on the criteria: good material – production process, modern – edge technology. All these scarf patterns are examined closely from the first stitch on, until the factory. We will be responsible for the quality of the product. If the product is defective by the manufacturer, Male Style will assist customers and handle the situation quickly.

Men Style – Specialized wholesale towel spa Hai Phong SLL 

Capture the consumer demand scarf of the spa facilities on the city of Hai Phong. Until the present time, Men Style is the perfect destination most help the spa solve all problems related to scarf spa. Said another way, we are ready to receive the requests of your order.

Customers wishing to place a towel spa in Hai Phong, please contact the Nam Phong to be supporting details. Immediately after receiving the order information, we will proceed immediately handle. Customers note that we are specialized in wholesale towel spa in bulk. Therefore, when customers order at Nam Phong, will have the opportunity to enjoy discount incredibly deals.

Depending on the number of towels that you book, we will take out the appropriate discount. Discount is given commitment is the most attractive prices on the market, helping customers to ensure the benefits and save a lot of costs.

The procedure to set the towel spa in Hai Phong in Nam Phong 

Step 1: receive information 

Male Style will be receiving customer information from many different sources. For example hotline, website, facebook, through the introduction of the spa other...We need to capture the basic information: name spa needs most difficult of the spa that address that spa offers, contact number work.

Step 2: Swap and trading 

Nam Phong actively working contact with the spa when the customer wishing to place a towel spa in Hai Phong. During the exchange process, if the client has any request, let us know so supported kip time. Male Style will advise more about material scarf assorted scarf, color scarf...

Combo 5 scarf hair wrap, towel SPA Southern Style - 34x80 cm - green - Towel, brand Towel Rates |

The type of towel spa by Nam Phong produced are ensure about the quality

With customers placing towels in bulk, Male Style that supports service embroidery woven logo. Logo is embroidered on the towel spa has great significance. Not only helps the product become more valuable, which also helps for photos of spa become more professional and modern.

Step 3: Made production difficult-to-order 

When agreed with the customer on orders scarf, Male Style will proceed the production according to the request. After the number of the scarf has been finished, Male Style will contact you for shipping the product to the customers. The customer prior to receipt, have the right to check the quality of the towel.

If the towel is not right with the order request has earlier agreement, please contact us for assistance. However, this case is rarely happen, because before export cargo warehouses, Male Style, checked thoroughly and carefully.

Step 4: receiving feedback 

We would like to acknowledge all the feedback of the customer. Regardless of the feedback positive or restrictions, Male Style still listen to more complete. All customer feedback can be sent on via hotline or other information channels. Parts consultant ready to receive feedback.

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Above is the information shared about towel spa in Hai Phong. Hope this will help you read that perspective, objective and scientific. Wishing you soon possess is the line towel spa quality.Sincerely thank you!