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Towel spa Peace as one of the scarf pattern a strong impression on the market recently. With the interested customers to the towel spa, surely can't miss out on towels Peace. So specific, towel spa highlights, how to stand out? Let's explore and decipher that question in the following article.

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Top 7 highlights of towel spa Peace 

Be provided by reputable brand 

The first point to mention is that these are all products that are distributed by the unit credibility. Scarf has the brand and the country of origin clearly. Many people, when listening to the brand revealed the following, sure you will feel extremely familiar. It is towel spa Southern Style.

Instead of towel cotton for the new year healthy!!! Drapes | curtains, and good

Nam Phong is the brand specializes in manufacturing and supplying towel spa for many provinces and cities across the country. In the Northern region, Peace is a place that Men have and are cooperating a lot with the spa facilities professional. Many orders can address about Peace. It shows the influence and the love the support of customers for Men Style.

There is good material many times 

Mentioning towel spa Peace can not fail to mention the material of the towel. Knock the cloths traditional spa towel, Peace brings a feel completely different. Due to being made from high-quality materials: cotton/ mcirofiber so the scarf is very soft and natural.

Direct customer use or spa employees, also feel satisfied with the kind of this scarf. The ability of absorbing water, outstanding, much better than the scarf traditions. If as towels often take a long time, new waterproof success, then with towel spa Peace of Nam Phong produced, will be superior.

Color towels have high aesthetic 

Customers put towel spa Style Men, not from the delight by having too many choices and too many color impression. The color of the scarf has many diverse colors: bright colors, dark colors, color combinations,...Depending on the interests requirements of our customers which color scarf will be the difference.

If the spa does your favorite color towel stand, please refer to the colors as: red, yellow, orange, moss green,...But if spa favored color scarf simple then gray, white, brown is the appropriate choice. The color of the towel in general can affect the aesthetics of the product. So you need to pick and weigh it carefully.

Highly durable 

Challenge other products other towels, towel spa Peace due to new production and distribution have very high tensile strength. The duration of use of scarf up to 4-8 weeks ( depending on the type of scarf and material). For durability, the towel is best, in the process of use should wash towels and storage towel properly.

Scarf hair wrap, towel SPA Southern Style - 34x80 cm - white - Towel brand face Towel Rates |

Should wash by water washing for professional use. Then drying towel in a cool dry place, there is the sun. Should not be exposed scarf in humid conditions, by easy to make for towels moldy smell unpleasant.

Embroidery embossed logo attractive 

Logo image spa is embroidery/ press up on the towel spa, was no longer too strange. However, the way embroidery for how delicate and fashion, is not unit can do it. With respect to the line towel spa Peace, most of the logo image spa are woven carefully to every detail.

Logo spa is embroidered in a convenient location, easy look to do not affect the structure of the scarf. Moreover, the embroidery should be put in place to attract the interest of the look. Therefore, to obtain a product towel spa like that, should the customer specific exchange with unit production.


Highlights of the towel spa that is priced incredibly deals. Price will be discussed specifically in the transaction process. With units Nam Phong, customers wishing to place a towel spa Peace can complete peace of mind about the price. Is our big factory, so we can supply kinds of towels quality with original price, right at the factory.

Customers have the opportunity to own the line towel spa with the best price today. Price right at the factory, not through the intermediate unit is a great benefit. That price will help customers save a considerable cost. With special guests put towels in bulk, will be entitled to an attractive discount.

There is return and refund policy, reasonable 

If the towel spa defective by the manufacturer, the customer can request the units South to support returns. In this regard, Men are always ready to support anytime, anywhere. Even after successful delivery, in the process of use, there are any questions, please contact us to get answered in a timely manner.

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Above is the information related to towel spa Peace. When there is need to place an order or need advice more about the products, please connect to the hotline of Southern Style. We are willing to support answer in the shortest time.