Towel spa Hung Yen due to brand new production and distribution, there are always good quality and durable. To create the quality products are all the efforts and attempts of Men. With the dedication, professional, Male Style were and are present in most of the spa facilities in the province of Hung Yen. Take a few minutes to learn more about the production process, as well as distribution Towels Cheap, through the following article here.


The production process and distribution towel spa Hung Yen 

Step 1: receive customer information 

Nam Phong là đơn vị chuyên sản xuất khăn spa giá rẻ chất lượng cao. Với nhiều năm kinh nghiệm, Nam Phong hiện nay là điểm đến hoàn hảo cho mọi khách hàng. Đặc biệt là khách hàng có nhu cầu đặt mua khăn spa theo số lượng lớn, đến với chúng tôi sẽ có cơ hội nhận được rất nhiều những lợi ích thiết thực.

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Men Style, there are two establishments in Saigon and Hanoi. Customers wishing to place a towel spa Hung Yen, can contact the hotline number Hanoi area. Or contact the hotline number of the total Men's Style. We will receive your information and proceed to handle in a short time.

Customer note when exchanging with staff, consultants, Male Style, need the basic information below: customer name( name of representative transactions), address spa facilities, ask about the number of towels, material, style,...

Step 2: the transaction agreement and signed the contract

Men Style after receiving the request of the customer order, we will advise and quote a specific price. Depending on the order in which Men bring out the attractive discount. The discount can be up to 5-10% off on total order value.

Between units produced and the customer agreement is required, the other terms: delivery time, warranty,...After the agreed terms, need to go to the step of signing the contract.

Step 3: Proceed with processing the order 

Male Style will proceed with the order processing towel spa Hung Yen of customers ngau after both parties sign the completed contract transaction. About the production to the delivery, you don't need to worry or bother. By all is due to the responsibility of Style. We are committed to fast delivery, high quality, at the right time.

All the production process: choose filter material, design, towel, towel manufacturer, packing/ shipping, etc. are taken seriously, and professional. Men have our factory wide, design team, skillful workers production enthusiastic management team, supervisors have expertise,...Each department in charge of a stage and the closely linked with each other. The aim is to create the best quality products.

Step 4: distribute towel spa Hung Yen 

After the product has finished packing, will be shipped to the address spa facilities in Hung Yen. When customers receive the goods have the right to inspect goods. If the product is defective by the manufacturer, Male Style will be responsible to handle. The usual case of faulty product is very less.

Linen bedding Spa Cotton brown - Khan, son, guong Spa Cotton mau nau

Lý do là bởi trước khi xuất xưởng, các mẫu Towels Cheap đã được kiểm tra kỹ càng. Do vậy, khách hàng không cần lo lắng gặp phải tình trạng: khăn bị sai chất liệu, màu sắc, mẫu thiết kế sai lệch,…

The note while using Towels Cheap 

Towels Rates are the diverse materials: cotton & microfiber. There are also a number of other material bamboo fiber and yarn oak. In general, material Towels Rates are very good, have high durability, duration long-term use. However, in the process of use, the spa should note the following points:

Should sanitary napkin regular 

After using, need to toilet with washing water for professional use. Spa staff should not use water washing with a high content of high detergent, because can make quality tissue affected. Towels Cheap hand washing or washing machine are.

Basking in a cool dry place

Should not drying towel spa Hung Yen in areas where moisture or poor light. Let's exposure scarf in a cool place, there is the sun. Exposure scarf in bright environments help quick dry towel and have better durability.

Folded towel when you do not need to use 

Towel spa Southern Style should be folded in case there is no need to use. Scarf has the anti wrinkle highly recommended that you do not need to worry about the aesthetics of the product. When folding should be revealed to the brand logo, to the customer to the spa can see.

Change the towels periodically 

Towels Rates are durable, but that does not mean that the product is used forever. If the scarf have signs broken, spa should proceed to change the towels periodically. Average after 4-8 months, customers should check back towels used.

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Do not use mixed types scarf 

Towel spa Hung Yen have many kinds of towel diverse. Each type of scarf will be a separate use. Spa should note that to use for right.

For more information about towel spa, please contact to Nam Phong to be supported. Sincerely thank you!