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Lao Cai is known to be a province of the mountainous Northern border. To Lao Cai, we not only admire the scenery, unspoiled nature, majestic but also get to experience many interesting things other attractions. In it, not to mention the spa services are growing in this land. The combination interwoven that help Lao Cai bring a distinct mark, absolutely not to be mistaken with the other landmarks.

Hiện nay các cơ sở spa tại Lào Cai đang sử dụng các mẫu towel spa do thương hiệu Nam Phong sản xuất. Không phải tự nhiên Nam Phong lại được ưu ái tin dùng đến vậy. Hãy dành ít phút để tìm hiểu towel spa, Lao Cai titled “Southern Style” in the following article here. Promise to offer much useful information and interesting.


Why towel spa, Lao Cai Nam Phong future cause fever? 

Exterior design 

Khác với các mẫu khăn trên thị trường, Towels Giá Rẻ có thiết kế rất ấn tượng và sang trọng. Tất cả các mẫu khăn trước khi đưa ra thực tế, đều đã được nghiên cứu kỹ lưỡng. Với mục đích tạo ra những sản phẩm thiết thực cho cuộc sống, thiết kế khăn spa của Nam Phong tập trung vào các điểm sau đây: gọn nhẹ – đơn giản – hiện đại – tiện ích.

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Industry spa services in Lao Cai are well developed 

Towel spa wholesale prices Lao Cai Nam, Phong production are more diverse colors. Some colors that you should refer to: moss green. white, pink, orange, yellow, purple...Depending on the interests and requires ordering of the spa, which we will consider and give advice accordingly. Usually the light tones will be spa at Lao Cai liked more.

Contribute to construction pictures

Towel spa that provides, not merely what kind of towel to wipe for use in the spa facilities. Products that Men Style heavy research and production, there is much deeper meaning than that. On the surface towel is embroidered textile brand logo. This helps identify brand image effectively.

Logo will be embroidered in a location visible, convenient, eyes matching the size of the scarf. When customers go to the spa service experience, will be visible logo is embroidered on the towel spa, Lao Cai. From it will also have more sympathy about the spa.

Safe for the user 

The scarf pattern spa rates Lao Cai Nam, Phong provided, are safety issues to the forefront. The quality of towels is an important issue which we are particularly interested in. Therefore, right from the selection of material, Style Men had to consider thoroughly to find out which type of material most suitable.

With respect to the line towel spa, Male Style, there are two quality basic material: cotton-material and material microfiber. This is the two materials are mainly used in the basis of modern spa. Advantages of the material is absorbent, soft, natural antibacterial effect. Especially high durability, duration long-term use.

When customers come to the spa can be assured of choice, towel, spa, Lao Cai. Because this is difficult origin clear. Scarf is produced by the scarf no. 1 in Vietnam, so the quality are always guaranteed the most.

Preferential rates 

Combo 5 khăn quấn tóc, khăn mặt SPA Nam Phong - 34x80 cm - màu da bò - Mũ quấn tóc Thương hiệu Khăn Tắm Giá Rẻ |

Towel spa by offering a convergence of many outstanding advantages

One of the advantage of making the towel spa, Lao Cai fever that is attractive prices to the unexpected. Compared with the conventional towels, price, towel spa by offering not much difference. In case the client put towels in bulk, the price is also more support. The discount can be up to 5-10%, in particular Male Style will swap directly with the spa in the process of work.

The note when placing the towel spa at the Nam Phong 

Contact way 

Customers wishing to place a towel spa, there are many ways to contact different. You can contact by fanfage/ website or the hotline are. However, the fastest way to connect with us, which is called via hotline. Men Style, there are always permanent staff, ready to receive the call of the customer.

Select base 

Southern Style now there are two establishments in Saigon and Hanoi. With spa facilities in Lao Cai, in order to more convenient in the process of exchange and transportation of goods. Please connect with us through our base in Hanoi. Whatever is the basis of Hanoi or Saigon, the quality of the towel still always be absolute guarantee. Therefore, you need not worry about this problem.

Request embroidery woven logo or no? 

Customers wishing embroidery woven logo, we will deploy according to your requirements. However, if the customer is not required, Male Style will not perform that service. So, customers need to clearly define the needs of the spa, to more easily in the process of working with the manufacturer.

Embroidery logo has more value and meaning. By so, helpful tips for the spa facilities at Lao Cai is should embroider logo on scarves. Moreover, Male Style will free embroidery if customers put towels in bulk.

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Hope the information shared on about towel spa, Lao Cai will be useful to our customers. Sincerely thank you!