Mention towel spa Long Anto leave a deep impression with customers not only by the form of the beautiful but also by material scarf infinity special. The material difficult to be selective meticulous and absolutely safe to human skin. Today's article will recommend you to read the material most common in line scarf spa. Let's find out okay.

The material towel spa Long An popular 

Towels are used at the spa facilities, Long An, the majority have similarity with the line towel spa universal. There are many material scarf appeared on the market, but the most common are: material cotton and microfiber.

The common point of the two materials on the price is reasonable, good wicking properties, high color fastness, and duration of long-term use. The first is about the material of cotton. Towel spa cotton is the type of scarf is made from the cotton yarn cotton. Therefore, they are capable of wicking cross drift. The cotton yarn cotton has special texture yarn, cotton thick absorbent. Moreover, cotton fiber, cotton is also very safe and suitable for all skin types.

About material microfiber, the emphasis is fiber fabric is soft as velvet. We can clearly feel the difference when touching the towel. Scarf very soft yarn, fabric, slender, are closely linked with each other. Advantages of microfiber's wicking efficiency, light weight, high applicability.

The material towel spa Long An advanced 

In addition to the two materials on, towel spa also add the other materials: material bamboo fiber, yarn material, oak. The two materials are not used much cotton & microfiber. However, bamboo fiber and yarn oak has many advantages worth noting. The nature of the bamboo fiber and yarn oak is the material of natural origin.

Material of bamboo fiber is made from the fiber of bamboo, nature, experiencing many manufacturing processes, professional, creating new products bamboo fiber complete. Bamboo fiber towels soft and quite thin, the surface towel dry, well ventilated. Line scarf is suitable to use for objects, young children, infants, pregnant women. Or those who have sensitive skin.

Material yarn oak is similar to material bamboo fiber. So when customers have needs, material selection, high level, you can choose bamboo fiber or yarn oak are. In general, the two materials that will fit with the spa facilities care for customers specially.

In case, a customer of the spa's client object, usually material cotton & microfiber is the logical choice. For further advice about the material of the towel spa, Long An, please contact the brand to be supported. Nam Phong is brand producing towel spa with many diverse materials, will give the advice best suited.

How to use and preservation towel spa should refer to 

To scarf spa has the best durability, users should be using and preserving science. For the spa facilities and professional staff, the spa should be noted and applied regularly, to keep towels are always clean and quality.

Should be dry before use 

When the new get a towel from the supply unit, we do not use a towel immediately. By often the product is sealed by plastic bags and put in the container, for professional use. So inevitably the product is sticky smell. To completely remove the unpleasant odor, you should wash towels 1 times before officially put into use.

Use water, dry fit 

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The laundry towel spa Long An overall pretty simple and easy. Towel spa if is made from good material, then machine-washable or hand washing are. When washing note should use water washing for the removal scarf/.fabric. Do not use water washing with a high content of detergent is too high because it is easy to affect the color of the scarf.

Exposure towel in a dry place 

After the towel was washed with water washing, the washing should be towel dried to remove water. Due to the towel able to absorb water well, so if no towel will make the duration of exposure is prolonged. Towels are squeezed clean water to help users more convenient in the drying process.

Need to choose where exposure towel dry and cool. Do not expose towel spa Long An in damp place or place where there are many unpleasant odor. Exposure scarf in place with plenty of sunshine will help the towels have natural smell, kill bacteria and help your towel has better durability.

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Fold the scarf properly 

Casual scarf spa will be basking in about 2-3h clock, depending on the size and weather conditions. You can use your hands to feel if the towel is completely dry, can collapse back to tidy up. Note when folding the towel should be to follow the contour edge of the product.

Most types of towel spa today is embroidered brand logo. The fold should pay attention to reveal the logo above, this is also a way to exquisite help to breeze ingenious image spa.

Above is the information related to towel spa Long An. Hope will be useful to you to read.