Towel spa due to new production and distribution are present in almost all provinces and cities across the country. In that area in the North, Ninh Binh is a key market. Towel spa Ninh Binh mang thương hiệu Nam Phong, đang phủ rộng ở hàng trăm các cơ sở spa khác nhau. Tuy nhiên, bên cạnh đó cũng có sự xuất hiện của nhiều thương hiệu khác. Hãy cùng theo dõi bài viết sau đây để bỏ túi 6 mẹo nhận biết towel spa Nam Phong chất lượng.


Tips 4 tips get to know towel spa Ninh Binh – Nam Phong 

About color products 

Khăn spa Nam Phong có rất nhiều màu sắc đa dạng. Không có một con số cụ thể về số màu của Towels Giá Rẻ. Lý do là bởi ở mỗi chất liệu, Nam Phong sẽ có tệp màu khác nhau. Nhìn chung, màu sắc của khăn spa do Nam Phong sản xuất có thể lên tới hàng chục màu.

Bed Linen Spa Cotton Men Color Brown Chocolate Size 90x190cm | Lazada.vn

The majority color of towel spa Style Men two tone highlight color: light tones and muted tones. With the spa facilities favourite towel spa Ninh Binh bright colors, please refer to the colors as: white, yellow, purple, moss green, blue...these are all unique tones and impressive. Use scarf with bright colors will bring many exciting experiences. Not only strong impression with customers when using the spa services. At the same time also helps spa “jacket” add a new nuance strange.

In case you need to put the towel spa in muted tones, Male Style still ready to support and meet. A number of muted tones is many spa options, not to mention: gray, black,...These colors, however, belongs color and downs, but help for towel spa become more luxurious.

Product design 

Nam Phong hiện đã và đang cung cấp khăn spa Ninh Bình với rất nhiều các mẫu mã thiết kế đa dạng. Các loại khăn spa đã có mặt trên thị trường: hand towels, khăn mặt, khăn body, váy quây, khăn trải giường, khăn quấn tóc,…Mỗi dòng khăn sẽ có ưu điểm và nhược điểm. Phần lớn được thiết kế với kích thước phổ biến, phù hợp sử dụng trong môi trường spa.

The template Towels Cheap direction to the luxury – modern and apps. Design of the scarf without the cumbersome, complex, which is mainly the highlights. For example, customers can see towel spa Style Men often have the only pair of exquisite tailoring at the 4 edges of the towel, helps fixed form close to the standard of the product.

On the other hand, on the surface of the towel spa with embroidery/ embossed brand logo. The brand Logo is embroidered/ embossed in the best position to help the overall product has high aesthetic appeal.

Product material 

All scarf pattern spa Ninh Binh by Style offer have good material. Main material consists of cotton and microfiber. Two materials, this absorbent ability, duration absorbent fast many times more than the ordinary cloth. The surface of the towel soft natural and safe for human skin.

Therefore, if you notice towel spa made from other materials, it is not that scarf Men Style production. Material that we put on in the production process, scarf, each is material to be moderated close. Absolutely no use case difficulty of unknown origin, or material not obvious.


Customers can check the quality of the scarf in a number of practical applications. For example, hand towels, spa Men's Style, be tested by wet hands then use the product. You will see the towel able to absorb effective only after 1-2 minutes is hand skin has become dry and cool.

Price product 

Nam Phong is factory towel spa professional. The price that we give must be based on the grounds authentication. The scarf pattern spa Ninh Binh published price in the exchange process and direct advice. If customers put the towels in bulk, we will have a price extremely attractive.

Note that South is specialized units provide towels spa wholesale prices. So if customers need to put the towels according to the number of then this is the place to be most perfect. The price of each product will have the different, so to know the most detailed, please contact with Southern Style.

The consulting division of Nam Phong, immediately after receiving the notification of customers will quickly make orders according to requirements. Customer rest assured about the quality as well as price. We are committed to bring satisfaction to all customers.

Products have stamp mark attached 

A tips to know towel spa Ninh Binh by Style production, which is the product have stamp mark obviously specific. Stamps labels attached to the product for users to distinguish each type of scarf. The information recorded on the stamps is the information that authenticity 100%.

If customers notice that product information is not correct, Male Style will take full responsibility. Come with us to experience the best services. Hope to welcoming you in the next time.

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