Towel spa Quang Binh due to brand new production and distribution line is difficult to be more customer favorite. This is also the scarf pattern is in common use in Quang Binh province. Besides design luxury and modern red scarf is the highlight that users can't take your eyes. Let's learn about the top 5 color scarf spa the most impressive in the article below.


The Top 5 color towel spa Quang Binh impression 


Bạn đã từng nhìn thấy towel spa màu đỏ chưa? Chắc hẳn đã có rất nhiều nhìn thấy, hơn nữa là trực tiếp trải nghiệm màu khăn này. Màu đỏ là một trong số ít màu khăn được hàng trăm cơ sở spa tại Quảng Bình yêu thích lựa chọn. Là một tông màu nổi bật, chưa cần phải thiết kế cầu kỳ, phức tạp, khăn cũng đủ đến níu giữ ánh nhìn của mọi người.

The Towel Body Spa Red (Cotton) Embroidery Logo FREE SLL

In addition, red is also said to be symbols of good luck. With the spa facilities want to experience the new, innovative, as well as having information on the color according to feng shui, then refer to the red okay. Red is now South-Style production very much. Basically, they're pretty eye-catching, so Men will usually combined with some other colors to avoid the glare and eye discomfort.

If the background color is red, then the logo embroidered on the scarf would have to have color more neutral. The harmonious combination that helps towel spa Quang Binh always stand out and not be mixed with other products.


A tone conveys a sense of warmth, surely, not to mention the yellow tones. Towel spa yellow is used very much in modern life. Not only in the spa facilities which even the aesthetic center, salons, inns, hotels, senior...also use the information in this color.

Màu vàng xuất hiện ở rất nhiều các loại khăn đa dạng: khăn tắm màu vàng, khăn mặt màu vàng, hand towels màu vàng…Khách hàng khi đặt khăn spa Quảng Bình tại Nam Phong, có thể yêu cầu màu vàng truyền thống. Nếu muốn có sự sáng tạo hoặc bạn cảm thấy muốn tạo điểm khác biệt thì hãy tham khảo gợi ý của Nam Phong.

Men Style there are lots of yellow tones diversity: dark yellow, light yellow, yellow, orange...Each one combination will give a distinct color. Also precisely because of the separate that which the aesthetics of each product will also be different.


In 5 colors towel spa impression, brown is the color belongs to neutral shades. However, they used a lot at the spa. Not every principle highlight color new color is selected. The neutral, soothing simplicity of brown, re-captured the hearts of so many people.

Towel spa Quang Binh brown color evokes the feeling chic and modern. This color is suitable with many objects and different ages. Almost everyone can use to be this color. Brown color more suited to those with white skin.

Customers spa, use towel brown serves not only to experience the service, massage relaxation, but also as products mature ingenious physique and the wearer.


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For up to the present time, Men have received thousands of orders towel spa grey. Why the number of orders towel spa gray back to that? It has to come from special color? According to the information that Nam Phong recorded in the counseling process for the customer, gray color is spa, multiple choice by is neutral colors should be fairly clean.

Gray are not easily reveal dirt should be suitable for use in the spa environment. As if the white is very easy to expose defects then towel spa grey can overcome the cons it perfectly. Moreover, gray bring a sense of elegant and modern.

Trong các tông màu xám thì màu xám nhạt có ở các dòng khăn spa của Nam Phong, nhận được nhiều sự quan tâm nhất. Màu xám nhạt được khách hàng đặt ở rất nhiều các dòng khăn: towels, khăn mặt, khăn trải giường, khăn quấn tóc,…


The last color in the top 5 color towel spa Quang Binh most impressive, is the color blue. Blue was chosen because it gives the image a fresh, cool. This color is a spa favorite by contributing to making the spa becomes prominent. The appearance of the towel spa blue makes every customer to the spa to spend the time to learn.

Blue also be pleasing to the spa by is a symbol of good luck, brings air transport good for business operations of the spa. If customers need to put the towel spa blue with concrete standard color most, please contact to Nam Phong. We are always happy to assist and answer.

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In addition to the colors intro, Men Style, there are many diverse colors to another. The color that will help you have more interesting choice. For advice on towel spa as well as issues about the towels, please contact with Men right now. Nam Phong is always happy to serve you anytime, anywhere.