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There should be embroidered/ embossed logo up on the towel spa Quang Ninh or not?Current needs, use towel spa in the province of Quang Ninh is very big. The products quality, modern form, easily conquered the interest of the majority of customers. However, many spa still fret not know there should be embroidered/ embossed logo on the towel or not? Doing so will mean how? If you are interested to answer, please refer to the following article.

Meaning of form of embroidery/ embossed logo up towel spa

Towel spa Quảng Ninh nói riêng và các dòng khăn spa nói chung, đều có thể có 2 hình thức chọn lựa: khăn spa không thêu logo và khăn spa có thêu logo. Tùy vào yêu cầu của khách hàng mà đơn vị sản xuất sẽ thực hiện theo.

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Customers who buy small retail buying to gift individual objects do not need to use the service embroidered logo. By form of embroidery logo on the towel, more appropriate to the spa facilities professional. The spa facilities want to build your brand quickly and professionally, you should use this service.

Aesthetic high

Embroidery/ embossed logo on towel spa Quang Ninh will have a lot of practical sense. The first is the aesthetic appeal of the towel which is more improved. Compared with a towel spa usual, then the logo image will make the overall product highlights stand out more.

On the other hand, the logo is embroidered in a subtle way, the only sure, the logo has many motifs of meaning so that will help for towels become much more luxurious.

Image spa become professional

Towel spa is used, important and common used in the spa facilities. Customers to experience the service as well as spa staff, always need to have a towel. Therefore, towel spa will help media brand in an effective way.

Logo is embroidered/ embossed on the scarf, has a great effect in the construction of images. The scarf will help to images spa in the eyes of customers become more beautiful. This is also how to distinguish towel spa of this brand with other brands, to avoid confusion should not be.

Should put towel spa with embroidery/embossed logo now?

With many meanings and practical benefits, many spas have to consider and use the service stamping/ embroidery logo on the towel. However, to choose to be a unit providing services on reputation and quality, is not easy?

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If you are wishing to place a towel spa Quang Ninh with embroidery/embossed logo, come with brand Male Style. This is the leading brand specialized in supply and manufacturing towel spa number 1 in Vietnam.

The desire of the customers about the product quality, beautiful, impressive, we are able to meet wholeness. Just requested by the client embroidery/embossed logo, Male Style will be carried out and noted in the production process.

To customers like the best with template logo is embroidered on the scarf, Male Style will advise a detailed and specific. We will send customers the demo design, so that customers can see and track objective. If there is a change of color or any problems about the product, please exchange back with Style.

4 note when using towel spa with embroidery/embossed logo

Note 1 

Before receiving the goods, customers should check the goods. In the case of products towel spa Quang Ninh defective by the manufacturer, need to contact immediately to avoid damage. Check logo templates that you have the right to request in the transaction process or not? There are errors need feedback right back.

Note 2

When using towel spa, so to reveal the brand logo on the front of the product. Spa staff should be especially noted this problem in the process of spread and fold the towel. Should cover and fold the scarf in an ingenious way, to image the logo is the most visible. It is useful when the customer's service experience at the spa.

Note 3

Towel spa with embroidery logo should be dry and properly stored. Should not use water for dry-cleaners have the level of detergent is too high, will make the color of the scarf as well as colours on the logo are affected. Towel spa Quang Ninh, can washing machine or hand washing are. In the case of hand washing, the laundry needs washing the stains. However, no need to wash towels with a force too powerful, easy-to-make affect the quality of the towel.

Note 4

Want to towel spa long-term use. You should dry towel in a cool dry place, sunlit nature. The exposure scarf in sunny conditions good towel spa keep the quality and color are inherent. Absolutely not moldy or has an unpleasant odor as exposure in humid conditions.

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Above is the information related to towel spa Quang Ninh. Hope this detailed article will help you read answer the question should embroidered logo spa up on the towel or not? If there is any questions, please connect with Nam Phong, we are always happy to assist and answer. Sincerely thank you!