Towel spa Soc with many outstanding advantages, as the towels are in common use today. Compared with other types of scarf other scarf pattern spa are used in Soc trang province have its own unique traits.Let's take a moment to read the following article. This article will reveal much interesting information.


Towel spa Soc is? 

Towel spa Soc is the name used for the type of towels are used at the base spa professional. Today, the spa facilities in the province of Moon appears as many. Along with that is the need to use towels also higher. On the market there are many brands, towel, spa, diverse. The brand that has appeared at many of the spa facilities Soc. Each brand will have certain characteristics.

Highlights of towel spa Soc 

Material soft scarf 

Towel spa is made from good material should have high degree of natural soft. The line of communication, often causing discomfort by fiber cloth dry, hard, too thick. Therefore, the trend choice scarf have high-quality materials are gradually prevailed. Customers can choose material cotton & microfiber are. Here are two popular material should refer to.

Cotton bath towel | KARLSTAD | dark blue | 50x100cm | JYSK

Advantages of the two materials on is very smooth. Customers can clearly feel the difference when touching. Skin of the hands of us when in contact with the material, it feels very pleasant. Absolutely no phenomenon being the skin or sweat. Moreover, cotton & microfiber has the ability to absorb a good antibacterial effect, high strength, and duration of long-term use.

In addition to the two material cotton & microfiber, if you have demands placed towel spa Soc other material, are available for search. Other hints about material: bamboo fiber and yarn oak. This is the material of natural origin, very safe for the skin. Material bamboo fiber, yarn oak accordance with the spa facilities cater for customers who are pregnant, young children or people whose skin is particularly sensitive.

Embroidery/ embossed logo 

Towel spa are currently embroidery/ embossed brand logo. The reason is because the spa facilities want to build and grow image in the direction most professional. Logo is embroidered/ embossed on the scarf will have more practical significance. A facial helps products have higher aesthetic. On the other hand, is also a symbol for the synchronization that spa are directed to.

Clients who come to experience experience services at the spa, will experience directly the line towel spa Soc high level. Pictures logo is embroidered stamping subtle, sure you will get customers attention and feel interesting. This is an approach to effective customer help customer look more impressive about the spa.

Richly towel spa 

Towel spa have many kinds of towel diversity: towel, bath towel, body towel wrap, hair, hand towels, bed linen....This is the type of scarf basic and necessary at the spa. The spa facility should prepare a full range of towels on to customer service is best.

Each type of scarf will have the different sizes. For example, with the line bath towels, will usually have the large size is 70*140cm, to hug and be covered is body. Or with towels, they get priority production with small size. The purpose is to help users easily and conveniently use the towel.

Color scarf spa 

Combo 5 scarf hair wrap, towel SPA Southern Style - 34x80 cm - green | Tiki

Towel spa Soc has many colors, not narrowing in a any color fixed. The choice of color depends on the intention of spa facilities. If owner want to color scarf fresh, modern, youthful, please refer to the colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue.

In the case of spa want to build scarf style simple but still luxurious and modern then choose muted tones: gray, dark brown, light brown color... the Color of the scarf is a very important factor affecting the overall aesthetic of the product. So you need to consider and choose carefully.

Address provided towels spa Soc quality 

Meet the fulness of the above characteristics, not to mention brand Style. One of the reputed brands to today's top. Customers wishing to place a towel spa, please contact the hotline number. Men Style are always happy to assist and answer.

Southern Style with many years of experience in the field of production and distribution, is the perfect destination of every customer. If customers have other requirements on towel spa, please discuss with us. Men will listen to the request of the customer, to give advice accordingly.

Nam Phong commitment to quality products 

Our commitment to quality products. All patterns scarf when handed over to the spa facilities Soc has been strictly checked. Defective products by the manufacturer, Male Style will take full responsibility. With the desire to give the real product – quality, real Southern Style, always strive and try in every process.

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All donations opinion of the customers about towel spa Nam Phong or any questions related, please connect with us to be answered quickly. Sincerely thank you!