In the province of Thai Nguyen, the need to use towel spa more and more. However, if buying retail towel at small retail outlets will cause costly financially. Therefore, the body spa are interested in towel spa Thai Nguyen provided by our big factory. Buy towels in bulk just can guarantee the quality, while saving the maximum cost.


Should buy towel spa, Thai Nguyen, at the Southern manufacturing Style? 

Spa is the business model for health care services and, most of all spa facilities are now need to use the towel for professional use. Towel spa not only widgets familiar to customer service. Moreover, this is also the product expression brand image of the spa. Therefore, when you want to business spa certain indispensable contributions of this product line.

Cost savings 

A spa facility need at least the scarf type the following: towel, bath towel, body towel hair wrap hand towels, washcloth, strapless, bed linen, spa,...Each type of scarf need 20-30 pcs for convenience in customer care. If not prepared in sufficient quantities, will cause a lot of inconvenience to both the client and the spa staff when working.

Combo 5 scarf hair wrap, towel SPA Southern Style - 34x80 cm - color moss green pale - bath Towel, brand Towel Rates |

Put towel spa at factory Male Style will save the maximum cost

With the number of towels as such, if buying retail will cause expensive spa an account very big. So, the spa should buy towels according to the number in our factory to save the cost. Depending on the total order value which the discount will be differences. Usually, if customers put the towel spa, Thai Nguyen, at Nam Phong, will have the opportunity to enjoy a discount super terrible from 5-10%. This is the best discount on the market today

Support free embroidery woven logo 

In the case of clients placing a towel spa according to the number of Male Style will support the service for free embroidery woven logo. Embroidery woven logo to help distinguish, to avoid confusion with the spa facility to another. At the same time helps towel spa becomes a luxury, elegant and more modern.

Before production of series according to the order has been placed, Male Style will send you the demo to see. Location embroidery logos are carefully consider to help the logo is the most prominent. Customers can make suggestions on how to embroidery or related problems, please exchange to us. Nam Phong is always ready to listen to the request of customers.

Advice enthusiastic

When ordering towel spa, Thai Nguyen, according to the number of at our factory in Nam Phong, the customer will be advised of the specific details of all the information related to scarf spa. With a staff of seasoned experience, work attitude, dedicated professional, Male Style promises will not make you disappointed.

Be assured of product quality 

Compared to the spa to buy small towel, retail outside, then buy the scarf in the Southern Style are assured of 100% quality. We are committed to good quality products, production processes and modern. Towel spa has two main material: cotton and microfiber. Here are two materials have the ability absorbent, durable, safe and benign with every skin.

If the product is defective, damaged by the manufacturer, Male Style will take full responsibility. The spa facilities only to receive the goods when the right product as requirements laid earlier. Before receiving the goods, the spa has the right to inspect goods. Have a problem any questions feel free to contact immediately to our team of consultants of Southern Style.

There are bills, paper sheet transparent 

With 25 years of experience in the field of towel manufacturing spa, Male, Style, confidence is the perfect destination to help the clients is the line towel spa, Thai Nguyen, best quality. All information of the customer, we completely confidential. In the process of exchange transactions and every will have paperwork specific bills. This is the manifestation of how professional, showing respect for Men's Style for his clients.

Customers have the right to keep bills and paperwork, if the product is wrong quantity or color not right ...We have a responsibility to return to new products in the correct order.

Delivery time fast 

The spa facilities when booking towel spa, Thai Nguyen, at Nam Phong, rest assured because we always put the interests of customers first. Delivery time fast is one of the things that Men pay special attention. We will shipping goods to address which the client has given. In case, the shipping process is slower than expected, Men have responsibility to report back to customers to customers to capture information.

In general, when ordering towel spa according to the number of the spa facilities will have many practical benefits. So, also do not hesitate to connect with us for assistance in the shortest time. Men Style there are two main base in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City.

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With the spa facilities in the province of Thai Nguyen, should contact the hotline number of the Nam Phong in Hanoi to get quick support. Sincerely thank you!