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Ho chi minh CITY is one of the central economic boom and is where the spa services, beauty in full bloom. If you are trading in the field of spa, the page is the line towel spa is very necessary. Should options マフラーパターンのスパの刺繍がトップ5+美しいテンプレートをご参考 how to guarantee the quality, best price, best suited? Where is the prestigious address to help you get the lines scarf high-grade? Let's see the answers right in the post below this.

Select elements towel spa ho chi minh CITY, towel do nail HCM

Select elements towel spa ho chi minh CITY, towel do nail HCM

Towel spa has an important role in improving the brand and assert the services of the spa. The type of towel spa, diverse design, size, color, and there are uses specialized. Use the towel spa brings quality experience better service, help customers feel comfortable and more impressed with service care for in your spa.


マフラーパターンのスパの刺繍金グレー scarf nail, khăn spa ở TPHCM, bạn cần chú ý đến một số yếu tố ảnh hưởng sau đây:

khăn spa HCM
Use the towel spa brings the quality of experience for better service
  • Choose location provided towels credits
  • Shelves for towels spa how to choose the number of the scarf to match
  • Material towel spa
  • Style & type towel spa needs (ví dụ khăn trải spa bed, khăn tắm spa, khăn gội đầu spa, ga trải giường gội đầu, khăn trải spa, khăn bông spa, khăn trải gối, khăn quấn đầu spa, khăn lau mặt spa)
  • Scarf size desired
  • Colors towel spa ho chi minh CITY

Each factor can affect the selection of towel spa and stream quality towels that you will get.

Tips for you when buying towels spa cheap, towel, spa, premium ho chi minh CITY print, embroidery logo

You should choose the place in the area surrounding ho chi minh CITY, where your convenient purchase. You can also choose the carriers in other places that support ship towel spa in ho chi minh CITY.

However, you should still prioritize locations where you can directly go to options. In particular, for the large spa, then choose the scarf should be done online survey. From there, the manager, spa owners can feel, accurate assessment is that line needed or not.

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Chọn khăn spa TPHCM giá rẻ mà vẫn đảm bảo chất lượng là điều mà các chủ spa luôn mong muốn. Để spa của bạn chuyên nghiệp và phát triển hơn, níu chân khách hàng với những trải nghiệm tuyệt vời, hãy lưu ý ngay từ những chi tiết nhỏ nhất. Chọn towels spa chất lượng cao và cần thiết sẽ giúp tiết kiệm chi phí một cách tối ưu.

Define the purpose of use and select the type of difficulty fit

Towel spa CITY has many types, each with features for professional use. Therefore, when choosing products towel for the spa you need to determine is the way it used to do. If you need towel to customers wrapped around in at the sauna at the spa or a massage, then you need to find is the scarf body. If the product is used to wipe your face, wipe your hands or wrap the hair,... then you can choose the scarf has a similar function.

Select size towel spa HCM standards

Often, when you choose to be line in accordance with user needs, you can already specify always be the size towel. Many spas to choose according to the size standard. However, there are many spas will pick the size and weight of the towel spa ho chi minh CITY as desired.

Size towel spa to government bed

Towels government bed is kind of difficult extremely important to a spa. This is considered a protective layer bed of cosmetics, oil or dirt during use. At the same time, towels, spa, ho chi minh CITY government to bed is also a decorative accessory express the subtleties of the spa. The standard size of the towel covered bed is 1000x2000mm or 1400x2000mm.

Scarf wrap when the plate or steam

This scarf is used to wrap the after the bath, sauna... and ensure cover is from the chest to the knee guests. The standard size of this scarf is 700x1400mm and 800x1750mm. The width can be changed and the minimum length should reach is 1400mm.

Size towel spa to government people

This scarf is used to cover the customers when lying body massage, white bath, skin care,... and have the role to help customers more comfortable when using the service. Scarf government who have standard size 900x1800mm and 900x1750mm.

Bandanas as face massage

This scarf helps fixed the hair of the client from entanglement in the process of massage, facial, and protect hair from adhesive, cosmetics, essential oils,... in the process of beauty. Size bandanas standard is 350x750mm.

Face wipes to the customer

Face wipes to the customer is the type of scarf indispensable in the spa or hotel. This scarf help wipe away water or sweat after the steam bath, massage, etc. the standard size of the towel is 400x750mm and 400x800mm.

Size towel spa covered feet

Towel-covered leg is a specialized use of the spa. This scarf used to cover the knees for guests after the foot soak, nail salon or massage the feet. The standard size of the towel-covered leg is 400x800mm.

Hand towels, facilities for guests

Mặc dù không cần thiết lắm thế nhưng hand towels vẫn được sử dụng trong nhiều spa để mang đến sự tiện nghi cho khách hàng. Chiếc khăn này sẽ được đặt trong nhà vệ sinh, phòng tắm để khách lau khô tay sau khi rửa. Kích thước khăn spa TPHCM tiêu chuẩn sẽ là 320x320mm và 340x340mm.


This is one of the factors that help make towel quality. Fabric material can decide to 80% of the value of the quality of the towel. Such lines scarf from 100% cotton will bring a sense of soft smooth than the line towel, blended yarn PE or blend other fibers. Besides, the model khăn spa giá rẻ TPHCM made from natural fibers will increase the safety when using. This is necessary to help customers avoid the irritation of the skin in the process of making beautiful at the spa.

towel spa


Before choosing towel spa cheap ho chi minh CITY, of course you need to do is reference price market. You should see the price on the website or ask for advice, a quote in a few places, to know the global market. If the unit does cheap price, timely response to demand, you take out your options.

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