Bath towel is one of the products that are familiar in daily life, especially in popular use in the spa, massage today. With the variety of colors, sizes as well as materials and price into customers increasingly have more choice that best suit for your needs.

One of a kind scarf is not less user-selected current that is towels microfiber for spa. So kind of scarf what is this? We have what are the benefits when using? Below is the detailed information about the types of towels unique look.


Bath towel microfiber is what?

Bath towel microfiber is a kind scarf is made from cloth material microfiber with the ultrafine fiber, twice the fiber fabric silk. They are the size of very small compared with the diameter smaller than 10 micrometers and only 1/5 compared with the diameter of human hair. With 2 ingredients primarily are composed of fabric which is Polyester and Polymide bring the soft, smooth, quiet when in use.

Bath towel microfiber is what?
Bath towel microfiber is what?

The ingredients in fiber cloth microfiber have different roles can be the difference when the constituent products. If polyester fiber in fabric, Microfiber bring durability and hardness necessary, the polyamide fiber back, can help provide the ability to absorb for products. Fiber Microfiber owns many outstanding features such as the flexible, along with it's features waterproof, static electricity, and the ability to filter bacteria very effectively brought to safety for users.

5+ Advantages of line towel microfiber not everyone knows

To affirm the quality as well as its position on the market towels, hotel, here are the benefits when using the line towel material microfiber includes:

Softness: Bath towel microfiber truly soft, users can easily feel when holding it in hand. Therefore, the hotels usually choose the kind of difficulty this material to bring our customers feel the most satisfied.

The ability of absorbing water very high: Due to the size yarn microfiber super small, should have the ability to absorb water very high. They have the ability to absorb water 7 times than its weight. Very suitable to use as towels in the hotels, resorts,....


No color fading: One of the benefits of bath towel microfiber that is not fading. Do scarf using high-technology as TF215 in the process of staining will help a towel durable color, long fade, can help customers to dispel anxieties color stick, color fade during use.

No window fur: This product is the application technique of weaving by axis along the width of the fabric should be the type of the scarf is made of high quality materials, microfiber tightly structured, difficult to break should not be shedding whether used in harsh environments or after a long time use. Especially limit the possibility of allergy dust cloth of users.

Cost savings: Is business business activities should cost element is a lot of hotels, motels interest. And the use towel microfiber is economical solutions the most perfect. A towel microfiber can be used up to 400 times should be saving investment costs significantly.

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Buy bath towel microfiber now?

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