Towels, bathroom spa is line scarf is in common use in modern life. The product has high applicability and consumer warmly received. Choose towels quality will help protect the health and brings many practical benefits. However, to choose to be kind of towel like that, you absolute don't miss out on this article. okay.

10+ Scarf Pattern Beautiful For Your Reference

5+ note when buying bath towels for spa hotels


Towels is the type of towels are used at the spa environment, the hotel is modern and professional. So need to make sure about the source and origin. Should not pick the towel if the product is not derived clear and transparent. Today there are many brand production and distribution towels. But not any brand is also the best destination.

Template towels premium Men's Style

A number of prestigious brands that customers can refer to: Towels, Cheap towels, cotton Muses Vietnam, towels Training Method, scarf Minh Phong,...these are all famous brand in the field of manufacturing towels spa. Each brand will have own strong point to make a decision right choice, most customers take the time to learn and compare contrast.

In the brands above, Nam Phong prized by good quality products. This is one of the few brands have the courtesy develop life long, and have the foundation rich experience. The contribution of Men with market scarf in Vietnam is so big. So this brand is very significant for your reference.

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Bath towel is kind of difficult direct contact with human skin. By so material is a very important factor when choosing towels, bathroom spa. Material should be preferred selection is material there is softness and natural. For example, material cotton, microfiber, bamboo fiber, yarn, beech,...

It is the popular material and is used a lot at the spa and hotel. From the regional budget to high end, well all love the use of the material on. The reason is because they're safe for the skin, fiber fabric is soft, when the user feels pleasant and comfortable. Moreover, high durability and duration of long-term use.


Towel spa bath is used for spa environment, modern hotel should form is the concern. Product form decided a lot to the overall quality. Therefore, customers should choose colors as well as styles suitable design. With the towels, should give priority to the color fresh, new, young, and suits the tastes of the user. For example a number of colors: orange, moss green, blue, yellow,...

Template towels premium Men's Style

If you love minimalism, or spa facilities that are built in a classic style, please refer to the color under fall colors. In it, gray, light brown, brown, chocolate, dark...will be the suitable color.

Besides, it should also be noted to the design of products. Towel spa bath should be produced according to modern style and elegance. Should not choose scarf pattern too cumbersome and complex. The simple courtesy and convenience are the priorities in the design of this product.

Price product 

When buying towels, bathroom spa, hotel, factors of price should also be considered carefully. By the usual spa and hotels will use the number of towels quite large. So if you do not learn skills appropriate price will cost a lot of investment costs.

Customers also should not be placed on retail purchases. Form of retail purchase only appropriate with the customer's individual use 1-2 towel. With the spa facilities, the hotel, the form of the purchase in our factory is more popular.

When wishing to purchase towels, please contact to Nam Phong. Nam Phong is factory scarf no. 1 today. Because probably there, so the price is given commitment is the best price on the market. Guests put towels in bulk, also have the opportunity to enjoy attractive discount.

Embroidered brand logo 

Buy bath towel spa should choose to buy towels with embroidery, embossed brand logo. The reason is to get the better brand. Each brand, each with a base spa hotels need to have separate images to reach its customers. Take advantage of the right product line bath towels, to brand communication in a civilized and polite.

The scarf pattern is embroidered embossed logo will help the product has high aesthetic more. At the same time, help pictures, spa and hotel is known more widely. Should choose scarf pattern logo is the harmonious combination between the background color scarf and color of the logo. Should not use color because it will make the logo color becomes faded, less impressive.

Here are the top note need to know when buying bath towels spa. Hope will be useful to many of you reading. For advice more clearly, connect with Nam Phong to be support in the shortest time. Wish you get the right choice and fit. Sincerely thank you!