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Da Nang city is very dynamic and has more potential for development of tourism and economy. In it, the service sector such as spa, beauty is also promoted. At Khan Male Style, we offer bed linen spa, Da Nang with Wholesale and Retail prices to match demand, cost savings for customers.



Bed linen spa is in common use, especially the upscale spa has always focused on bringing comfortable feeling for customers. Khăn trải spa bed giá rẻ tại Đà Nẵng is provided for the spa, large and small used to cover up on the bed mattress.

Bed linen spa Da Nang at Khan Male Style are made from high-quality materials
Bed linen spa Da Nang at Khan Male Style are made from high-quality materials

Towel spa help make services better massage

Trong quá trình thực hiện dịch vụ massage, bôi thuốc, cấp ẩm cho da có thể sẽ rơi ra ngoài, tấm bed linen spa giúp ngăn cách tiếp xúc trực tiếp giữa da người và giường. Đồng thời, với lớp khăn trải giường êm, mềm mịn sẽ giúp tăng cảm giác thư giãn, dễ chịu cho người dùng.

During the massage the back, you have to lay face-down, if to put the person directly on the bed will cause pressure on the front of you. Therefore, the use of bed linen smoothness is incredibly necessary.

Bed linen spa in Da Nang made from high-quality materials

Bed linen spa is made from high-quality materials
Bed linen spa is made from high-quality materials

Size bedspreads with the line material: cotton, microfiber, bamboo fiber bamboo fiber, Modal (beech wood). From then on, customers do in the spa industry can choose comfort. Soft material, easy to absorb water, durability, and toughness of the cloths will meet your needs, use towel of the owner of the spa, bring the best service to guests, spa, beauty.

Bed linen spa, Da Nang

Khăn trải giường spa được Towels Giá Rẻ cung cấp có thể được mua sỉ và lẻ tùy ý. Đối với các spa nhỏ có thể đặt trước hoặc đến tận nơi chọn mua khăn trải giường phù hợp. Các spa lớn thướng sẽ có nhu cầu khăn lớn hơn hoặc nếu cần in ấn hoặc thêu logo thì cần liên hệ ngay với Khan Nam Phong để nhận tư vấn và thỏa thuận phù hợp. Khi khách hàng mua khăn với số lượng lớn tại Khan Nam Phong, chúng tôi sẽ có mức chiết khấu phù hợp, đảm bảo mang lại lợi ích cho khách hàng.

When in need of advice and a quotation specific to the clients of Khan Style Men need to determine the needs:

  • Sample styling bedspreads
  • Material scarf desire
  • Scarf size (with respect to the line bed linen standard size at Khan Nam Phong is 90x190cm, the equivalent weight is 750g)
  • Select suitable colors according to the needs
  • Choose printing or embroidery logo
  • Time of delivery desired. If product is ordered then need to swap skills with professional sales consultants Khan's Men Style.

To get the detail quotation, you need to contact to hotline of Khan Male Style: 0707.164.369 – 0934.150.780 – 0903.367.867.

Khan Nam Phong supply unit, professional towel

Tại Khan Nam Phong, bạn sẽ nhận được những sản phẩm towel spa chất lượng nhất. Khăn trải giường spa Đà Nẵng là một trong số những dòng khăn chất lượng được nhiều người lựa chọn và sử dụng.

Bed linen spa in Da Nang Nam, Phong offers
Bed linen spa in Da Nang Nam, Phong offers

Khan Nam Phong is unit has 25 years of experience specialized in manufacturing and more than 10 years distributing towel spa, hotel, holiday home. With relentless efforts for the development and improvement Khan Male Style, has many step breakthrough, market expansion.

Currently, the company has 2 showrooms directly represented in North and South. Besides having to +20 agents provide towels. Khan Nam Phong has partnered with many units, Spas, hotels, and inns in ho chi minh CITY, Hanoi, Da Nang, Binh Duong, Phu Quoc.... From there, you can feel secure and confident about the quality of the product here.

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Khan Nam Phong has a team of technical staff is trained and constantly hone the experience. Unit is the machinery and advanced process to enhance quality product.

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