In the spa, large and small can't lack the type scarf using utilities such as towels, bed linen, towels, face... which, In line bath towels, spa very important and a lot of units and spa options. Whether it is business to business service spa, you need to ensure selection is line quality to best serve customers. If you are looking for the line bath towels ensure they don't miss out the article below okay.

3+ top priorities when choosing towels for the spa.

Towels, bathroom spa, is one of the line commonly used in the services related to beauty, skin care, body. The type bath towel for spa, premium all need to meet these demanding requirements. Most of the line bath towels in the spa are well-chosen with the following criteria:


Towel spa bath are selected to offer the market must be quality assured before the spa use. To create products bath towel spa quality can not ignore the material line. Today at the spa, the use of towels with a cotton cloth are very popular. Type this fabric has many advantages and characteristics help keep the constraints are likely good absorbency and high durability. In addition, many units to choose other materials such as towels by material bamboo fiber bamboo fiber, microfiber.

Material are important criteria you consider when choosing
Material are important criteria you consider when choosing


To create a product to ensure quality, the selection of towel has a weight fits very important. One of the indicators related that many people need to care about is GSM. Index GMS of towels to be understood as the weight (number of grams) of towels per square meter. Through this index will determine the weight standard of the scarf. This figure also help to assess the thickness and fiber density on the line cotton towel.

The towel spa has many types of different sizes will have different weights. The line bath towels, spa today often have size 70x140cm (500g) or 80x150cm (600g). With the size and weight of this guarantee towel quality, design, fit and the high level with the index GMS standard.

Design scarf guarantee

The towels premium need to ensure a sleek design and modern luxury. The color and the details speak to the brand. Many units, spa, premium selection of printing own logo for towels. This is also the imprint own bath towel spa create the impression with the customer. For the spa professional, not just attitude, professional service for which the products are need to be selected carefully.

Besides the reviews scarves can ensure quality through observation, choice scarf at unit reputed to be the wisest choice for you to avoid from floating items is not guaranteed on the market.

Design bath towel spa ensure a modern and chic
Design bath towel spa ensure a modern and chic

Experience for towel spa quality

Buy bath towel spa quality can't ignore these tips so that you can refer to and choose more carefully. In addition to the criteria to choose a scarf that you should refer to the specific experience help to choose paper quality that you can't ignore.

Feel the softness of the towel

It is difficult for the options towels, bathroom spa quality when only the eyes look normal. When choosing a scarf, you need to feel the softness of the towel. Bath towel high quality with good absorbency, surface towels are tightly woven.

Select material matching towels

Khhi decide to choose scarf material is not to be missed. The market line cotton towel is popular due to characteristics waterproof easy. Should choose the line towel 100% cotton instead of the line products mixed cotton yarn and composition PE to ensure the best quality.

The scarf material bamboo fiber nature is also a top priority in the selection of material towels for the spa. 

You should note to avoid buying the line from synthetic fibers of inferior quality by poor durability, long day would cause a greasy, viscous fiber, less durable, easy to acne, broken.


Material towels diversity you should choose carefully

Reference only GSM number

As mentioned above, only GSM number has important implications in the evaluation of a bath towel quality. For towels, you need to choose the scarf is just the number of GSM > 500gram.

Check border towel

The details are very important to create a towel quality. When choosing bath towels, you should check carefully the border scarf. Borders often have double thickness compared with the heart, towels to ensure a scarf is not sprung or tear during use. The scarf is sewn sure you will be the optimal choice, with the durability and reliability high.

Choose a prestigious address to buy scarf

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