Although currently cleanser are in vogue, but people still can't deny the usefulness of face towel, by this product help to clean quickly, does not cause skin irritation and is suitable for most skin types. Therefore, when choosing towels, we need to pay attention to a few important factors such as brand, material, place of production... to ensure safety for health.

Based on reputable brands

Một số nơi sản xuất khăn thủ công, để tiết kiệm chi phí, những chiếc khăn mặt thường được sử dụng nguyên liệu rẻ tiền, chứa hóa chất và chất tẩy trắng… gây độc hại cho cơ thể, thậm chí là ung thư da. Đó là lí do chúng ta nên chọn thương hiệu cung cấp khăn mặt uy tín, để có thể mua được khăn cao cấp, khăn chất lượng, tránh việc mua phải khăn kém chất lượng và khăn không rõ nguồn gốc.

Based on the thickness of the scarf

If you have the conditions, please change towels often, on average, is 6 months/what. Thus, you will be able to choose is the scarf that matches the weather.

For example: hot Sun, then buy thin towel and become cold, then buy thick towel

However, in any weather, you should also not use towels have layers of fabric too thick, as it helps retain water longer, create conditions for bacteria to grow harm the skin of the face.

Rely on material of the scarf

The good side is usually made from natural materials, such as cotton, bamboo fiber yarn, beech, fiber, milk, silk... is generally very safe for the face, because of the soft, lustrous, absorbent, antibacterial effect.

Besides, you should also choose the face towel and soft silky avoid rough as it will scratch the skin. Especially for the towel for sensitive skin, acne-prone skin or scarf baby, you the need to pay attention on the material scarf.

So choose towels how to safe

A face towel quality is primarily based on material

Avoid picking the towel has many decorative motifs

The motifs adorned on the scarf as embroidery, color printing, prints... can hurt skin of the face, even as scratch, cut when in use. More dangerous, it can cause poisoning chemicals, dyes for the skin.

How to use face towels safety and efficiency

Dermatology experts recommended the use of face towels should change the towel after 30 – 45 days use to ensure safety for health and skin. Moreover, this also helps to limit the dead cells accumulate in the pores, the breakouts.

In addition, you should avoid soaking too long in the water or drying towels where there is too much hot sun, but be dried in a cool place to avoid variable fiber towel.

Further, you need to choose the right type of towel for the intended use, absolutely do not use a towel to make towel and vice versa.

When washing towels, you should wash separately with soap, salt water, or soap-less alkaline, then rinse in clean water several times, okay!

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