Top 5 Best Wholesale Bath Towel Factory

Towels are one of the essential items that the holiday home, hotel, spa, salon...need to prepare for customer. And if you are in need of bulk buy towels to export or business and are looking for factory, workshop production towels credibility with wholesale price, then don't miss out on this article. okay. Because right after this, we'll score the the factory, workshop production of cotton towel, bath towel, manufacturing facilities, towels, ho chi minh CITY best. Let's find out!

Top 5 plant – factory towels reputable and most trusted now

Khăn bông là một thành phần không thể thiếu trong mỗi khu nghỉ dưỡng, khách sạn, resort, các chuỗi kinh doanh spa cao cấp. Hàng năm, mỗi khách sạn phải thay hàng trăm hoặc hàng ngàn khăn đủ loại.

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The amount of money spent for the purchase of difficult nor is it small. So, the selection of towel product quality with affordable price is extremely important. And to avoid buying the scarf, poor quality towels withdrawn strands or ruffled feathers, leads to the scarf rapid damage and affect the quality of service for customers, invite you to cross-reference the factory towels of good quality below!

Plant Towels Cheap

Introduction to plant

Introduction to plant
Introduction to plant

Plant Towels Cheap is one of the plants is extremely prestigious and famous is known for providing towels, high quality and diverse design. This plant has a long experience in the industry and a team of workers, extremely skilled.

Through the process of establishment and development, Towels Rates constantly trying to improve the quality of products and services to bring shopping experience wonderful for its customers.

Towels Cheap does not only focus on providing product quality in Vietnam but also longing to put their products reaching out to the world with the label “Scarf Made in Vietnam”. This is the dream of CEO Towels Cheap.

With such mission, Towels Cheap absolutely do not accept the inferior-quality products. Towels Cheap always maintain professional ethics and commitment to the mission that Towels Rates was proposed.

Products of Towels Cheap

Products of Towels Rates include many types such as:

Cotton towel is an indispensable component in every resort, hotel, resort, the chain spa business premium.
Cotton towel is an indispensable component in every resort, hotel, resort, the chain spa business premium.

Handkerchief, towels, face towel

– Bed linen Spa

Towels do Nail

– Towel Body

– Towel wrap hair

– Towel sauna

– Scarf hair salon

– Towels, shampoo

Achievements of Towels Cheap

Achievements of Towels Cheap
Achievements of Towels Cheap

Plant towels Rates in the TOP 3 out of 5 companies offering products towel, spa towel, hotel towel, gift and spa uniforms quality in Vietnam. Towels Rates have achieved a number of significant achievements, including:

  • Build more than 20 distribution agent towel spa hotels across the country in the first 3 years (from 2016 to 2019).
  • Is one of 5 brand scarf, big top in the country.
  • Provide a towel for thousands of spa and hotel famous nationwide as Muong Thanh, Furama, Salon Ngoc Dung, YB Spa...starting from the year Monday, Towels Rates have exported scarf to the markets of Usa, Uk, Germany, Canada

Contact information

  • Address: 268 thoai Ngoc hau, Phu Thanh, Tan Phu, ho chi minh CITY
  • Email: KhanNamPhong@Gmail.Com
  • Phone number: 0903 367 867
  • Website:

Factory scarf ho chi minh CITY Falcon

The factory is famous for the ability to produce towels batch according to customer's requirement. They use modern technology and monitor the production process closely to ensure product quality.

Currently, the company production and commercial Falcon has become a factory hotel towels premium, prestige and cheap to top. With more than 10 years experience, our factory scarf Falcon is proud to be a brand in Vietnam of high quality. Material of the towel, hotel Falcon is woven from the fibers as premium 100% natural cotton, bamboo fiber, microfiber and silk fibers cosmetics.

Production facilities, towels, ho chi minh CITY Samy Bedding

Production facilities, towels, ho chi minh CITY Samy Bedding
Production facilities, towels, ho chi minh CITY Samy Bedding

With a team of creative design, studio Samy Bedding create the template code, towels unique and consistent with market trends. They are also committed to using high quality materials and production process strictly.

Factory produce cotton towel, bath towel SAGATEX

SAGATEX be appreciated about the quality and services, this workshop is capable of manufacturing towels diverse with large numbers. Their special attention to detail and finishing products.

Production workshop towels Training Method

This workshop focuses on the use of organic fabrics and natural material, ensure safety for health and the environment. Their products often have beautifully designed and of high quality.


Here is the information about the factory, factory towels best at Ho chi minh CITY today. Hope through the article on you will be able to be yourself manufacturer pranks bath like that, okay!