The Spa has become an integral part of modern life. Spa is not just a place to relax, health care, which is also where energy recovery, relaxation, mental and physical. Use of towels, good water-proof is essential; to ensure service quality and customer experience the best. In fact, this is one of the most important elements to operate a spa effect. This article explains why you should use the towel absorbs water in its spa and the benefits of this.

Why towel Spa need to be able to waterproof good?

Towels are absorbent ability is an important part of any spa does; because they help customers quickly dry after use. In addition, we also work to absorb and remove excess moisture; bring customers feel comfortable and refreshing. When customers feel dry and comfortable, they are more satisfied with spa services, his and tend to come back later.

Scarf is a tool indispensable in Spa
Scarf is a tool indispensable in Spa

Benefits when Spa use towel absorbs water well

Towel waterproof has the following advantages:

  • The ability to attract water well: Use the towel able to absorb water well, which will make customers feel comfortable and refreshing after each treatment at the spa. Use of towels, good water will also help your customers do not get wet and uncomfortable.
  • Good antibacterial effect: hygiene is very important in the spa industry. Towel good water permeability is usually made of a material resistant bacteria; preventing the growth of bacteria and breakouts on the skin. This helps to create a clean environment and safe for your customers. From that increase the trust of clients for your spa and ensure the best experience possible.
  • Create the feeling of relaxation: Use towel Spa capable of high absorbency in spa treatments can make your clients feel relaxed and healthy. The softness and smoothness of the towel good water permeability bring perfect experience for your guests, help them relax and reduce stress.
Use of towels, good water-proof to bring your customers the best experience
Use of towels, good water-proof to bring your customers the best experience

The note when choosing towels spa

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a towel absorbent for your spa. First, let's choose these scarves made from high-quality materials, good absorbency such as cotton or microfiber. Monday, choosing the right size is necessary to ensure good customer service, most. Finally, consider the color and design of scarf may fit the space and brand your spa or not.

You need to consider the color, materials when buying towels Spa
You need to consider the color, materials when buying towels Spa

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How to preserve towel water absorption

To keep the towel spa maintenance ability, good water-proof, here are some care tips that you should know:

  • Laundry and regular disinfection: After each use, dry towels to remove dirt and germs. Use suitable detergents and always wash towels in hot water to kill bacteria. In addition, please disinfect the towel with antibacterial and sterilization methods other.
  • Dry it thoroughly scarf: Make sure your towel is completely dry after washing. This will remove the moisture and prevent the growth of bacteria and mold. Use the drying mode matching and ensures the towel is completely dry before re-use.
  • Properly preserved: When do not use a towel, you should preserve them in a dry, well-ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight. Limit contact with detergents and other chemicals can damage the material scarf.
  • Replace towels frequently: although the type of towel able to absorb water well are made from high quality raw material; but you will need to be changed regularly to achieve effective and ensure hygiene. Check and replace old towel when the towel is torn, take the absorbent capacity, poor quality is also a way to enhance the customer experience when they come to your Spa.
Laundry and storage towel the right way to prolong the life scarf
Laundry and storage towel the right way to prolong the life scarf


Towel plays an important role in the efficient operation of your spa. Use of towels, good water-proof bring more benefits for customers such as the ability to absorbent hygiene and relaxing effect. To enhance the experience, customer service, feel free to contact with Towels Rates today to get advice about the kinds of towel Spa quality.

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