July 20/10 what is the date or meaningful date 20/10 is one of the very subject that many people are interested, especially those who want to gift for the woman by his side the gifts the most sense. And before learn to be where is the right gift. You need to understand is that 20 months 10 what is the date? The meaning of what it is? Find out now following you!

Origin Vietnamese Women's Day 20/10

Since 1927, there have been numerous mass organizations, women formed and attracted a lot of women involved. Besides that, the sisters have also gradually asserted its role as well as his position in society. From the organization vocational school, the advocacy group, the struggles, ... since then, the important role of the sister, has gradually been asserted in First credo of the Party “feminism” on the day 3/2/1930.

At this time the Party was recognized women is one of the forces extremely critical of the way the network and set itself the task of the Party to the liberation of women attached to liberate the people, and liberate the working class. Besides, the Party also put out that women have to participate in unions revolution or the agricultural society and the establishment of institutions dedicated to the women that might appeal to be the elite of other women involved in the revolution.

On the day 20/10/1930, The Women's anti-imperialism in Vietnam this was renamed as The Vietnam Women's union and the communist Party of Vietnam has decided to choose the day 20/10 every year to make the traditional date of the organization.

20/10 what is the date?
At the same time, it is also considered as one of the anniversary, to honor women in Vietnam and named Vietnam Women's Day

July 20/10 what is the date? The meaning out?

Date 20/10/2023 is celebrating 93 years of Vietnamese Women's Day. This is a significant milestone in the history extremely important to mark on a mass the masses of women to be active, public, and legal. Besides being able to show solidarity and encouragement for women force in the positive contribution to the revolution of the country.

This day is also the day to assert the equal rights of women as women have the right to hold the ballot elections, and participate in the social work or politics. Confirmed the location as well as the important role of women in war time or peace time. And whether at any time they are still a woman Vietnam with water, have the wisdom, dynamic, creative, health, lifestyle, culture, ownership kindness and are always interested in the benefit of society as well as the community.

July 20/10 is also an important occasion to take place the ceremony gatherings to honor a generation of women in every field. This is also one of the occasion to eyebrow whiskers can express the affection of his. Besides is sending love through the gifts meaningful to the women. It can be, a mother, a wife, or his girlfriend.

July 20/10
And this is also the occasion for them to realize that they need to cherish those women around her because the woman is half of the world

20/10 what is the date? Usually out what activities?

On these days, what activities are taking place to celebrate will be very noticeable. A number of activities related to women will be held in order to honor the women in many organs as well as company, will host the awards ceremony for outstanding women or women who reach achievement in a number of areas. Besides, the cultural program to celebrate the day 20/10 will also be held more and elaborate.

Many agencies, companies or the supermarket, commercial center will also be launching a lot of the promotion campaign and target audience is women. Many of these items reduce the price or have the award will be accompanied on 20/10. Market gift for women is flowers, jewelry also works extremely diverse and rich.

July 20/10 what is the date?
Many people are willing to spend a huge amount of money to be able to gift the special gift this to people you're interested in


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