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Wiper car dedicated kind of scarf is specially designed to clean, wipe and protection for surfaces car in the most efficient way. The scarf is usually made from soft material, anti-scratch and absorbent; to help you achieve professional results while taking care of his car. In this article, we will consider more about the great benefits that wipes car hire dedicated brought to you offline

The role of wiper car dedicated

Wipes dedicated for the car is the most important in the process of cleaning and maintenance the vehicle. They are specially designed to remove dirt; grease and other contaminants without scratching or damage to the car surface.

khăn lau xe hơi chuyên dụng
Use wipes dedicated car for the car will bring many benefits

Thanks to quality materials and special structure, wipes special automobile capable of high absorbency and soft even when wet. This allows users to wipe clean the surface and leave no trace or residue.

Benefits of wiper car dedicated

Wipes specialized automobiles have many advantages in comparison with scarf traditional. The main benefits of wipes car, especially:

  • Soft: wiper motor for professional use are often made from high quality materials, soft as Microfiber. This will help the car surface from scratches during the cleaning process.
  • The ability to attract water well: wipes dedicated for car have the ability to attract water well; help you to dry the car quickly and effectively.
  • The ability to remove dirt: the wipes can remove dirt, grease, and stains other unpleasant from the surface of your cars.
  • Easy to clean: wipes, special car easy cleaning after use and can be re-used several times.
  • Safe for health: made from high quality materials, soft and does not contain toxic chemicals; wipes dedicated car is the safe choice for your health.

The type of wiper car dedicated common

Microfiber cloths

Scarf Microfiber kind of scarf popular and has the highest quality on the market. The scarf is made of synthetic fibers thinner than silk usually make up the strands soft and smooth. The outstanding advantages of this type of this scarf:

  • Good water absorption.
  • Can be used to clean all surfaces on the vehicle, including glass, carpet, and upholstery fabric.
  • The surface against scratches, no deformation after long time using.
khăn lau chuyên dụng cho xe hơi
Towel Microfiber is kind of difficult most popular today

Cotton towel traditional

Cotton towels traditionally made from natural cotton fibers; should the absorbent capacity of the scarf is somewhat limited. However, it is still widely used to wash the car due to the softness and flexibility of it. Some notes when using cotton towel traditional

  • Clean the dirt lightly on the surface of the car.
  • Especially suitable for cleaning furniture accessories such as leather seats and dashboard.
  • Must be cleaned and dried after each use to maintain efficient cleaning.

Use wipes car dedicated how is the effect?

To get the best results from the use of wipes dedicated, you should follow one of the following methods.

Choose towels dedicated for the right car

Please select the type of wiper car dedicated, soft and medium size with your hand. This allows you to manipulate and control the towel on the surface of the car easily and accurately.

Car wash before wiping

Rinse the surface to remove large amounts of dirt on the cars before starting to wipe with a towel. This prevents the dust particles from this cause scratches when cleaning.

bảo quản khăn đúng cách
Use and preservation scarf properly

Wipe the car right techniques

When wiping your car, be careful not to create too much pressure onto the surface. And you wipe from top to bottom to avoid pulling dirt from the places it has been cleaned to the area has been cleaned.

Dry clean towel after each use

After use, please wash it with warm water and a mild detergent. This is to keep your towels clean and safe.

Storage of bath towels the right way

Preserved wiper car dedicated in place of dry, cool place when not in use. Do not expose the towel under direct sunlight or near anything that can damage the surface of the towel.


Wiper car dedicated is a tool indispensable in the care and maintenance of the car. With the diverse selection of wiper; users can find the type that fits the needs and wants of her. However, the use and stored properly is also very important to ensure the wipes keep the cleaning efficiency and durability in long time.

In addition, you should also know that not only the new car need to use cloths for professional use; who we are in each department on different body; also need to use these cloths for professional use. Contact Towels Cheap to get advice get over you!

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