After some time of use you will feel towels from smelling. So what is the cause your towels can smell? The answer below will help you to understand the reasons and prevention, timely treatment this condition. Let's refer to know right now.

The Cause Of Towel Odor

Most of the line towel as bath towel, face towel, towel wrap people... after a period of use can be hosted unpleasant smell. Towels cheap smell is what makes many people feel very uncomfortable.

Towels moldy smells that cause discomfort to the user
Towels moldy smells that cause discomfort to the user

Objective Factors

  • Product line towels moldy, suffer from bad breath caused by long days causes more problems both for the user.
  • Often have to stay in the home environment, wet shower so towel long day there will be an unpleasant smell. Scarf prone to mold and is tainted. The line bath towels white color usually easy to see the mold or stain.
  • Due to material difficulties do not guarantee should use a time will be smell and greasy, viscous
  • Scarf is foul laundry drying not dry. Especially when exposure pile up together make towel dry longer.
  • Quality towels by artificial fibers such as fiber microfiber sure will smell after period of use, together with the scarf is oily, viscous again
  • The bath towel is foul smell due to such cause. At the same time, this adversely affects the health and skin users, causing harmful bacteria to grow.

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Subjective Factors

  • Towels use in the family, in the hotel or holiday home can suffer from bad breath due to long without washing.
  • In the family this can happen when you use the mop waterproof and then squeeze up exposure rig when not dried brought down taking the next will be foul.
  • At the motels, hotels will often have periodic dry towel. If the dirty towels pile up will also cause the unpleasant smell.
  • So lazy sterilization, disinfection for the towel after a period of use.


However, in many cases, the scarf is the stains difficult to wash, long day cause yellowing, bacteria buildup and causing musty towels.

Tips: If you are environment, hotel, spa, then the towel should be to a cool place, hygiene immediately after each use. Especially scarf by fiber microfiber should toilet now. Also if you use for the family to overcome scarf foul-smelling, greasy, viscous, as well as safe for health, it should reference the line fiber towels, bamboo fiber towels oak features antibacterial extremely good as well due to new production.

How To Handle Difficult Moldy Odors

Towels can smell, making the used towel in the activities affected. Therefore, choose how to handle towels moldy very necessary. To quickly remove stains and odors and help disinfection for the products you select the follow the instructions here.

Use white vinegar and baking soda to make detergent clean towel over and remove bacteria. Initially when for towels in the laundry, you use hot water and broth add vinegar to laundry for the first time. After the washing and wringing end it is a wash cycle.

For baking soda helps clean towels moldy
For baking soda helps clean towels moldy

Before the washing cycle initially, you should choose to use. In times of washing 2 things you still use hot water and pour a little more baking soda on. Laundry done, let's squeeze water for cleaning and drying them up rig dryer to dry the towel.

When the towels smell, unpleasant then the above methods are needed to clean towels. The wash as often can bring the result is not as desired, less efficient. Choose hot water and vinegar contains acetic acid helps to dissolve the residue, dirt, oil, grease, help flying the yellow stains.

Instructions Using Towels Safety

+ One of the effective ways to help you limit the towels were smelly and moldy is should change the towels periodically.

+ Should use each type of towel for each function, do not use and functionality may shield bacteria affect your health.

+ After taking a bath, or laundry should be dried towels in dry and ventilated place. Avoid to long in the shower as a condition for harmful bacteria to grow. Should be basking in the sun, a duration, and then dried in a shady place to scarf are not damaged.

+ Options towels with guaranteed quality and reputation.

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