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Model spa uniforms for men beautiful 're getting a lot of attention from the customers. Especially for the spa facilities professional. With luxury design with modern style and sophistication, sample spa uniforms this is the perfect choice for many spa facilities, as well as beauty salons. Please take the time to learn the interesting information is revealed in the following article.

Preview :

The template spa uniforms for men beautiful 

Sample spa uniforms white

Today services health care services are very well developed. At spa environment, not only females working that male staff also works a lot. That is also the reason why, the spa facility is particularly concerned about the template, uniform for men.


One sample spa uniforms for men to be more customer choice, which is a uniform spa white. White was chosen by brings a fresh new colors and distinct. Dressed in a white uniform, will help male employees more confident. Beauty elegance and courtesy.

The highlight of the form spa uniforms for men beautiful white is the combination of contour bold color. Contour bold color at the collar, running straight part tà áo between the two sides to help for the overall set of uniform are more prominent. Customers can choose pattern, uniform with embroidery embossed brand logo to brand recognition is better.

Sample spa uniforms pale blue 

Pale blue brings cool colors, natural. This color is also the color used for the uniforms in a spa for male. Along with it's stylish minimalist design, but still ensures the elegant and modern. Uniform sewn full size, matching many of the objects used.


Material of a uniform pale blue, usually cotton cold. High quality fabric is characterized by soft, absorbent ability, anti-wrinkle, anti-ruffled effect. When wearing, feeling comfortable and completely't get the secret skin.

Template, uniform, pale blue suitable for use in many environments spa different. For example: spa, hair care, spa, body massage, or go to the cosmetic hospital are also able to choose the template uniform for male employees.

Template, uniform, brown sococla 

One sample spa uniforms for men beautiful not to mention models, uniform, brown chocolate. This is the template are hundreds of spa facilities ordered by the high aesthetics. As brown is the color downs will not be selected. But, reality brown was widely loved.


Brown reminiscent of the idyllic, gently. Male employees to wear costumes also feel more confident. Design of the template, uniform grey propensity to minimalism. The majority focus on form, small width to the wearer feel pleasant.

Template, uniform, dark green 

Refer to form uniform, dark blue for men. Uniforms designed jacket and pants in the same tone. The upper part of the dress is designed short sleeve for convenience in the process of work. V-neck quite modern and catch up the trend. In under the coat have two small bag, employees can tolerate some personal belongings of his.


Pants are designed tube shape long drop down to the ankles. There are many different sizes for customers to choose. The wearer should choose the right size to not feel restrictive to wear.

Nam Phong – Factory uniform, prestige 

In addition to the template, uniform, was introduced on the reality was very much beautiful designs and impressive for male employees. For further advice on spa uniforms, beautiful male, customers please reference brand Style. This is the prestigious brand has many years of experience in the field of manufacturing spa uniforms.

Commitment to quality 

The reason that customers should choose Boys Style is the address provides the production of uniform, male, is by the quality of the products is always assured and commitment. All models, uniform, due to new production is carried out on modern lines, has applied the most advanced technology.

From step choose the material to up template design, or stages of production, delivery,...Men always done properly and seriously. With the dedication and professionalism, Nam Phong is a point to the reputation of every customer.

Preferential rates 

Nam Phong is factory pattern spa uniforms for men number 1 today. Therefore, the price that we make commitments is the best price on the market. Customer place bulk, will have the opportunity to enjoy attractive discount. The price will be shared in detail during the consultation.

Above is the information related to spa uniforms for male employees. Hope will be useful to you to read. Please contact Nam Phong to have the opportunity to receive many incentives practical.