Business licenses spa, what to include, or the business note, the spa is one of the very subject that many people are interested; especially those who are interested in finding out to business model, spa, and activities in the spa. So customer journey of the spa, what is? Before spa business, you need to master through the knowledge worth following. Find out in this article you okay!

Activities in the spa should have what conditions?

You need to clearly understand and identify ways to use the term so as not to cause confusion or difficulty in the process of obtaining the license type activities of the field. Accordingly, the term is often used will include:

Spa: This is one of the foreign language used to talk about activities beauty or beauty care in general. According to the system of economic sectors in Vietnam, these services will be distinguished in detail, as follows: service, sauna, hair salon, solarium, manicure, shampoo, makeup,... therefore, The review on the legal side, then the use of the word spa to book industry is a way to do exactly.

Massage massage: Is one of the methods of physical therapy and support for health of consumers.

Business service spa will generally depend on the industry and business conditions. Therefore, to be able to business is this industry, you need to note and ensure the proper implementation of the mandatory conditions following:

spa business, what to include?
The conditions noted spa business

Industry business registration works in the spa

You must specify yes or no activity massage. Meanwhile, the case may include activities massage, you must provide a certificate of eligibility for security and order; to ensure adequate conditions of machinery, facilities, equipment and the conditions of personnel; to provide the certificate of practice for professional massage or employees.

In case your activity is not included massage, after receiving the business license, you can conduct business operations right.

Code industry registration must present a detailed and complete activities about the service that your business offers. Such as:

Industry code 9610: includes massage services, sauna, and services to enhance health similar; except for sports activities. This group will include the service, solarium, steam bath, beauty salon, do not use the surgical method.

Industry code 9631: will service activities personal services nec. Details this group includes the service as first hair cut, hair styling, facial massage, shampooing, manicure, makeup, shaving,.. serving for women and men

business licenses spa
Business conditions in the spa consists of what?

Type of establishment activities in the spa

For industry, beauty care, maybe you can proceed to the procedure for registration of one of two types as follows:

Registration of private business

Register company

Conditions on staff and specialized in spa

For the base spa business registration includes massage services, you must ensure the conditions in terms of personnel. Outfit of the staff to be polite, neat; there are staff card shown clearly facility name and employee name. Next to it is the card of the employee.

The expert massage or professional made these movements, physical therapy must be the doctor, technicians, physicians, depending on the specialized physical therapy, rehabilitation medicine; and to be trained all the way. Besides that there is the certificate related to the specialization on. Experts have periodic health examination from three to six months; have confirmation about the health of the medical facilities district and the county.

Note that the professional members of staff belonging to the following subjects will not be working at your facility. People suffering from the disease of hepatitis B in people with mental diseases, dermatological diseases, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases are not treated.

activities in the spa
Conditions operational staff in the spa

Conditions of facilities, machinery, material, equipment of activity in spa

The massage room must have an area of 4m2 and above. The ceiling must be high on 2m5. Light in room massage is just enough, not used these lamps with the increase or decrease in light. And the light switch must be located outside of the massage room.

Not designed the lock and latch from inside the room to deal with the force function in the process of checking the base, your base. Only design ring emergency one-way from the massage room to room technician or doctor. This work aims to support customers in the case of an emergency need is the support from the technician or doctor. Not designed bell or the means of a notice similar to the notice in order to cope with the force function in the process of checking facility.

Toilet room, bathroom or chair towels, pillowsbed massage need to ensure the conditions of hygiene. In each room, massage or steam bath to ensure the procedures and common rules are glued and arranged at where easy to observe.

The medicine cabinet or the type of emergency medicine, medical instruments, such as conventional thermometer, stethoscope, syringes should be used in situations of greatest need. Besides the above conditions, then your business location, you need to meet the conditions such as the address of the headquarters of the company on paper.

Conditions about home base business activity in spa

For business, you must own certificate practice spa. For business when business registration won't need to request the certificate. But when you do the procedure for obtaining permission, the business owner will have to proceed to present proof of proficiency, technical expertise with respect to areas such as physical therapy, rehabilitation, traditional medicine.

Customer journey of the spa
In case there are only going to use drugs, then the person responsible for the technical expertise to be the doctor, who belongs to the majors listed above


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