You are in need of a local sale only scarf hotels in Binh Duong but haven't found yourself a unit like that as well as does not meet the requirements for product & price wholesale best for you. So this article is dedicated to you, as well as Workshop Towels Cheap will meet every customer requirement, from price to product...

towel hotel binh duong
towel hotel binh duong



Towels Cheap – Yard Scarf Hotels in Binh Duong

– Men's Style, yard, scarf, long lifetime with more than 25 years manufacturing experience & 10 years provided towels on the market should understand the desire of the customer when they come to Nam Phong.

– We have 2 warehouses & showrom in ho chi minh CITY, HA NOI available SLL you can come directly to see the products, advice on products for hotel towel.

– In addition to production difficulties for the domestic market, the Southern Style are offered exports to countries such as: Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Europe, the Middle East,..

– We are factory direct manufacturing, modern machinery, according to Japanese standards, skilled craftsmen long years should meet all the orders difficult, as well as create product quality offered on the market today.

– Warehouse in ho chi minh CITY, HANOI has more than 12 color & size information available SLL always go during the day.

– Fast delivery in ho chi minh CITY, HA NOI & Cac province cheats need, nationwide delivery.

– Support test color by color customer request.

– In addition, we also support embroidered woven embossed logo on the towel to increase the brand recognition.

Manufacturer Scarf Hotels in Nha Trang [AVAILABLE SLL]

Photos Of The Hotel Due To Nam Phong Done

The Hotel Towel White in Nam Phong
The Hotel Towel White in Nam Phong
The Hotel Towel Grey in Nam Phong
The Hotel Towel Grey in Nam Phong
The Hotel Towels Brown Color in Style
The Hotel Towels Brown Color in Style

See more hotel towels premium by Men Style made to have more overall view products by offering offline.

Characteristics Towels Dedicated For Hotels in Nam Phong

– Towels are full every like size & weight, available for hotels such as:

  • Type of face Towel: 34*70 weight (100g,120g), 34*80 (100g), 40*75cm (150g)
  • Type bath Towel hotel spa: 60*120cm (300g), 70*140 (400g), 70*140 (500g), 65*130cm
  • Type of head wrap shower hotels: 34*80cm 34*80cm, 34*86cm, 40*75cm
  • Cloths used to wipe hands hotel: 25*25cm 30g; 34*34cm 60g
  • Carpets, wipe their feet, bathrobe, hotel...

Towel Hotel Hai Phong – WHOLESALE HOTEL TOWELS SLL nationwide

– The towel is made from 100 cotton (Yarn, CD yarn, double, se twists to create certainty and woven low, thick), so the towel in Nam Phong will be less there is windows only, as well as shedding incredibly low.

– Full-color dedicated for hotel: White, Brown, Gray...

– Meet all the requirements of towels for hotels from size to weight.

– Embossed logo free hotel SLL.

– Time to complete the order extremely fast 400c to 1000c towel, then during the day there is associated, in addition, if embossed logo, then range 7 to 15 days subject to availability.

– Good discount for orders SLL.

Above is the policy for those who are interested in buying scarf hotels in Binh Duongdon't hesitate to contact South to advice best quote


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