Lifestyle and consumer of the population is becoming increasingly be more interested in the modern development. Therefore, the face towel antibacterial safety and better for the skin is something that many people choose. So, line scarf, these kinds? The advantages when using a towel, antibacterial, what is?

Face towel antibacterial trend is consumer of Vietnamese people
Face towel antibacterial trend is consumer of Vietnamese people

The type face towel antibacterial

Face towel is antibacterial line scarf has the ability to prevent the growth of bacteria (bacteriostatic). Antibacterial is made according to the principle of creating more layers diaphragm is the same active ingredients have antibacterial effects. From there, the types of mold and bacteria can't latch onto the surface of the towel or will be annihilated, when meeting with grade antimicrobial that.

Today, the creation of products, towels, antibacterial is done by two ways:

– Use natural materials: Bath towel bamboo fiber, Modal fiber has high antibacterial. This is a natural product popular use bring safety for users.

Use fabric with the metal ion: This brings resistant bacteria such as Ag+ ions, ion Cu+, ion Zn+ . In that Ag+ ions are used additional variables by having the ability to kill bacteria very high. In the testing of antimicrobial fungus candida albicans (they Candidiasis), Copper ions and Zinc also result antibacterial unexpected.

Towels are usually made from high quality materials with antibacterial or have anxiety, antimicrobial
Towels are usually made from high quality materials with antibacterial or have anxiety, antimicrobial

In Vietnam, as well as many countries of the world, the more active anti-germs are often made after stage bleaching or dyeing color, print, pattern. Treatment method, this sign brings benefits antibacterial up to 90% after only 1h of exposure. Bacterial resistance gradually decreases after the first washing. Therefore, the use of face towel antibacterial also has limitations when used long time.

Advantages of this type of towel antibacterial

Towel antibacterial brings many benefits for life. Let's explore the advantages of line towel antibacterial this. 

Line scarf from yarn, natural antibacterial, high

Towel oak (Modal fiber) or bamboo fiber towels all have antibacterial, superior. However, one can not fully use the same material to make towel antibacterial.

Towels are made with features antibacterial that can be combined between the cotton fabric and fabric modal fiber or bamboo fiber according to certain proportion. Words that make up the products have the properties as desired. For example, if you want the scarf has high softness than they should be choosing components towel has many strands of cotton fabric.

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Prevents skin irritation

With the key ingredients from nature, antibacterial, ultra-high helps the skin without irritation. The smart consumers increasingly pay attention to the use of product safety, quality guarantee. Scarf pattern used to be for the type of skin, especially sensitive skin will make minimize the problems that arise to cause harm to the skin.

In particular, the fungus mold is something easy to cause illness for not only the skin but also affects the health, the resistance of humans. Therefore, the user use every day, such as face towel has antibacterial is very necessary.

Towel has antibacterial, safe to the sensitive skin such as baby skin
Towel has antibacterial, safe to the sensitive skin such as baby skin

Towels are absorbent ability

When choosing a face towel, for sure you'll need to focus on the ability to absorb sweat, waterproof. The line face towel antibacterial as face towel, bamboo or Modal has the ability to absorb moisture better than to 4 times line scarf 100% cotton. Scarf can combine more cotton to create a soft, smooth, used in many other cases. Special very easy to use for the baby.

Deodorant, anti-UV

Characteristics disinfection also help the towels are resistant to smell very good. Instead of being the bacteria do drive, mold cause unpleasant odors, calculated disinfection will help destroy the sprouts danger, help the towels are always clean, more fragrant. In addition, a feature well-known of the line of the towel is antibacterial, can protect the skin to avoid the UV rays, the safety of superiority.

In summary, line face towel antibacterial is what should be the individual, business unit, motels, hotels equipped to help protect users. Hope to share on here the Khan's Men to help you better understand the cloths resistant bacteria. Wish you selected lines scarf suit your needs.

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To right with Khan Nam Phong in order to have more choices, better, okay!