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Towel spa Phu Tho is the line towel spa be in common use today. This is the line used at the spa facilities professional. Fact, there are many types of scarf different. Each type of scarf will have distinct characteristics. Let's find out in the following article, in order to better understand how to classify it.

TOP 10+ Scarf Pattern Spa in Phu Tho province For Your Reference


Classification Towel Spa Needed To Buy To Avoid Wasting

To lathe for one first-time buyer towel spa, here are the top tile line for you to understand more as well as more convenient for the purchase of his towel.


There are so many brand scarf spa on the market. In Phu Tho, towel spa are diverse in origin. There are dozens to hundreds of brand towels of different sizes. The classification of difficulty according to the brand is a way to help the spa facilities avoid confusion.

Scarf pattern steam Alisa Flavors (Cotton White) due South Style design | Spa Towel

Some brand towel spa Phu Tho charisma that you can refer to: towel spa Nam Phong, towels Training Method, scarf Muses Vietnam, scarf Minh Phong...In the brand since the brand towel spa Nam Phong is the spa facilities at Phu Tho trusted more by good quality, nice design and reasonable price.


Một cách phân loại khăn nên biết đó là phân loại khăn theo công dụng của sản phẩm. Ví dụ như các loại khăn có tác dụng để lau mặt, rửa mặt thì sẽ ưu tiên xếp chúng vào dòng khăn mặt. Hoặc các loại khăn dùng cho body, có thể xếp chung vào dòng khăn body spa.

Trong trường hợp, khăn dùng để lau tay, vệ sinh tay sẽ có tên gọi là hand towels spa. Đây là cách phân loại được nhiều khách hàng tìm hiểu và áp dụng. Cách phân loại này khá dễ hiểu và đơn giản.


Phân loại khăn theo màu sắc là gợi ý thú vị nếu bạn muốn sắp xếp khăn theo cách thức mới lạ và độc đáo. Tuy nhiên, chỉ nên áp dụng cách phân loại khăn theo màu sắc trong trường hợp cùng một loại khăn. Ví dụ đối với dòng towels, cơ sở spa có thể có nhiều màu sắc khác nhau: màu đỏ, màu cam, màu xanh dương,…Hãy phân loại khăn tắm theo màu để không bị nhầm lẫn.

We should not classify scarf by color without review to the type of scarf. Should not be arranged towels red with washcloths red. Also sort by color but doing so will cause user confusion. Customers to experience service spa, will have to take the time to consider whether now is kind of towels, where is face towel.

Therefore, to minimize any inconvenience, staff should arrange the scarf of the same type according to certain colors. Doing so not only helps customers to easily use, but also helps employees save time, clean and sanitary.


Classifications towel spa Phu Tho according to the material is also a lot of people apply. Today, towel spa has many diverse materials different. Therefore, to avoid confusion, the spa facilities make the classification difficult in the correct material of them. There are a number of quality basic material: cotton, microfiber, bamboo fiber, yarn, beech,...

Combo 3 towels bamboo fiber Men Style - 30x50 cm - light brown - bath Towel, brand Towel Rates |

Each material will have distinct characteristics. Overall 4 material above are material are common. They have good wicking properties, high color fastness, soft and safe when in contact with skin. To categorize them, need to capture the specific characteristics follows:

  • Towel cotton:the towel is made from yarn cotton, yarn thickness and closely associated with each other. Towel cotton surface towel is soft, there are likely good absorbency, weight scarf heavier than the line another towel.
  • Towel microfiber: is made from the yarn synthetic fabric. Impressive on the outside as a towel soft as velvet. Advantages of difficulty is high color fastness, duration long-term use.
  • Fiber towels, bamboo fiber towels oak: is the type of scarf that originated naturally. This scarf more consistent with the case of customers are young children, pregnant or those whose skin is particularly sensitive.

Towel spa does not have a certain size, the. Each type of scarf will have a size separately. Customers can classify towel spa Phu Tho according to criteria sizes. For example: divide the cloths in size to a separate type. The towel spa small in size, remove a different type.

The division, this is only suggestions for your reference. In fact, every spa facilities each customer will have many classifications. The ultimate aim of the classification is that support for the process of using towel place more convenient. You don't need to take the time to search for difficult if you know how to classify reasonable.

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For more advice about towel spa in Phu Tho, please contact the hotline number Male Style. We are the manufacture brand scarf no. 1 in Vietnam, always ready to answer all your questions.