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When buying towels of milk/towel bucket lot, mom, diaper, look to the scarf cotton habitual. However, recent market appear type of towel, milk yarn, bamboo has a lot of advantages. Some mom when trial bamboo fiber towel for baby is already feeling very satisfied. Know this is the scarf woven from natural fiber, soft, smooth, has antibacterial properties so it is very safe.

In particular, bamboo fiber towels for kids absorbent, very good, help curb rash or heat rash. The love this is evident through the amount of towel for sale on the market increase very fast. So you already know about this type of scarf new milk this yet? Find out in this article later.

Bath towel bamboo fiber.
Bamboo fiber towels are a product that many people are interested because good absorbency, soft, smooth and naturally antibacterial.

Towel, milk yarn, bamboo – Trend mother's diaper, modern

Scarf milk or also known as a handkerchief, is indispensable items with the mother, diaper, milk. This is the type of scarf is woven loosely sew multiple layers, usually white. In the process of care, baby towel, milk is used continuously for a lot of things. Can mention as wipe, facial wipe, lingerie, neck, waterproof milk on ti, mom...

If, as before, most scarf made cotton now has more options bamboo fiber. Type this fiber of natural origin, woven out from the stems of natural bamboo 6-8 years old. Even, bamboo fiber is loved more by it benign, which re-durable thanks to its antibacterial properties.

Kể từ khi ra mắt, khăn sữa sợi tre nhanh chóng được thị trường chấp nhận. Số lượng người mua quan tâm khiến người bán thi nhau tìm nguồn hàng. Có thể nói, hiện nay bamboo fiber towels không còn hiếm gặp, các cửa hàng chỉ hơn nhau ở chất lượng và giá thành.

Bath towel bamboo fiber for kid.
Bamboo fiber is woven entirely from bamboo, no need doped fiber types other should be safe, wholesome, and friendly to the skin and the environment.

Bamboo fiber towel for baby what are the advantages?

Natural fibers environmentally friendly

As introduced, towel, milk yarn, bamboo made from natural materials capable of decomposition and regeneration. If compared with the cotton fiber, the production process of bamboo fiber less and less resource consumption and exhaust pollution. By bamboo capital good growth in the country without the use of fertilizers. Therefore, production of bamboo fiber will help reduce the pressure on the environment. This is important criteria, in accordance consumer trends today.

Safety with sensitive skin

Also because of limitations is the amount of chemicals in production and processing, we easily realize an advantage anymore. It is using bamboo fiber towel for baby will be safe for delicate skin, sensitive. 

The most interesting thing is, bamboo fiber not only benign, but also has antibacterial. Texture of bamboo fiber are linked very tightly to prevent intrusion. Added to that component fiber has also been used to exclude bacteria, mold arise. This is very helpful with this type of scarf must be in contact very often with sweat, milk, vomit.

But what made the mom fascinated by bamboo fiber is soft surfaces cool. Get rid of the thoughts that bamboo fiber probably is, and that one touch on product. You will be convinced instantly as though in a state of dry or wet towel, milk yarn, bamboo also feel extremely pleasant. More specifically, the kind of difficulty this was not ruffled, durable color should be longer.

Bamboo fiber towel for baby.
Bamboo fiber is soft, friendly to skin should be very popular towels, milk, towels, buckets and other products for babies.

The absorbent capacity of the towel, milk yarn, bamboo

Now, let's consider the most important criteria of towel milk: High absorbency. More research and testing showed, bamboo fiber desiccant 4 times cotton yarn. So use bamboo fiber towel for baby will be more effective. Towel suction clean water, do not leave membrane should ensure dry. Use the diapers, located many will avoid rash, chrome rash and other skin diseases. The scarf also be translated more concentrated as the water nose, powder, vomit,...

Handy for mom diaper

Usually, my mother used to prepare 25-40 a handkerchief in stages take small children. At the same time, towels should be washing drying towel twist ring each day to always available, clean and dry. But with the towel, milk yarn, bamboo cleaning towel will be easier because:

  • Absorbency more than to 4 times of cotton so less wear and more
  • Has antibacterial nature should cause less odor than whatever was wet milk
  • Washable, light exposure faster (depending on circumstances) that still ensures cleanliness
  • Natural fibers and tough, withstand temperature range extended to the arbitrary laundry, hot machine
  • Face towel is always soft so can be used for baby soon after exposure.
The type of bamboo fiber towels.
Towel, milk yarn, bamboo has a variety of size and thickness, suitable for all your needs.

Price is very good compared to the quality

Due to its many advantages, towel, milk yarn, bamboo is becoming increasingly popular. Need to use this increased so much base was produced in large numbers. Bamboo is grown widely all over the country. Technology of textile fibres, bamboo is not too complicated. Technical textile sir, towels, milk was already familiar from long ago. These things combined make the price of products at very reasonable fit to the majority of users.

As well as cotton towel, towel, milk yarn, bamboo easily cut sew multiple sizes, multiple layers according to the purpose of use. As towel 2 layers to wipe the facewipe your hands, wipe the stain small. Towel 3 layer used when your baby is vomiting, lingerie, while the baby. 4 layers or more, used for bath towels bamboo fiber baby wipes ti for mom,... in general, scarves as much as the class was as thick and absorbent as possible. But already the bamboo fiber towel is always soft, so mom would also peace of mind.

Source bamboo fiber towels for baby good that cheap?

Towels bamboo fiber baby should choose the type of scarf thick, medium soft, medium super dry. But as well as all the products are another favorite, the market has had a towel, milk yarn, bamboo poor quality. It's kind of towel is blended yarn of nylon or textile engineering, poor perishable. Therefore, you need to find to famous brand or factory to find purchase. 

Price, bamboo fiber towel is agitated from 50,000 to 100,000, depending on type. But if the word is found, correct the source of production, you can sell for better prices but the quality is still guaranteed. Towels Cheap privacy is a typical example for this case. This is a big production plant, providing various kinds of bamboo fiber towels for the domestic market and export. Not only do scarf milk for baby, bamboo fiber is also Towels Cheap used tools Spahotel...

With output up to hundreds of tons per day, you can rest assured about the quality as well as production costs. In addition to the machining for the export of Towels Cheap also supply wholesale to many shops, chain stores all over the country.

Towel, milk yarn, bamboo.
Bamboo fiber is also widely applied in the field of spa, hotel for soft and safe for the skin.

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Can see towel, milk yarn, bamboo is being accepted by the market quickly. So it wouldn shop mom & baby of you not yet have this product. On the other hand, if you find products are business hasn bearing characteristics, the more likely your supplies not really good. Whoever's in 2 this case, please contact Towels Cheap

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