Are you looking for specialized units provide bath towel, hotel Da Nang high quality but the price still save? Choosing the right Khan Men Style with reputation and experience of over 25 years of experience in the production of tissue types.

6+ Reasons to Buy Bath Towels Hotel in Nam Phong

Bath towel, hotel Da Nang material cotton
Bath towel, hotel Da Nang material cotton
  1. 100% Cotton Premium: Every towel we make hotel towels from high-fiber, high-grade imported from egypt, should yarn infinity scarf sure, and durable.
  2. Diverse designs, colors: Towels Rates up to 12 color scarf with respect to the line material cotton to the selected units. Choosing what colors to use, then the customer can choose according to demand. Typically, towels for the house stay hotels are white by bring clean feeling.
  3. Unit credits: With 25 years production experience, 10 years experience distributing the towel on the market, Khan Male Style confidence is the place offered difficult prestigious clients.
  4. Brand: Emerge to conquer the international markets: Uk, Germany, Usa,... Not just provide towels hotel in Da Nang but also provide towels for the area, ho chi minh CITY, Ha Noi, Hai Phong, Ha Nam, Phu Quoc Binh Duong...
  5. Our team of consultants & professional manufacturer: Just need customer needs and a phone call to the Hotline of the company Khan Male Style will get the exchange advice useful. At the same time, the professional staff, quick quote help solve the needs and towel for the hotels, motels.
  6. The official list price deals & discount: beneficial for the customer save cost.

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Products Are Nam Phong Offers

Khan Nam Phong là đơn vị chuyên cung cấp, sỉ & lẻ các loại khăn khách sạn, khăn nhà nghỉ, spa chất lượng.

Hotel Towels

There are multiple lines scarf needed for hotels, motels, which Towels Cheap offers such as: face towel, bath towel, washcloth, hand towels, bathrobes. The type of this towel is made of cotton, ensuring soft and smooth when use. With the line cotton towel, customer use will feel the relaxation, protect the skin and does not cause the irritation to the skin.

Our factory Khan Nam Phong supply kinds of towels, hotel, Da Nang, Phu Quoc, ho chi minh CITY, Hanoi and many other areas across the COUNTRY. This can help customers peace of mind choose to buy wholesale SLL or retail purchases that still have the price hotel towels fit, no need to be afraid of delivery.

Towels for high-end hotel
Towels for high-end hotel

Towel For The Spa

Besides the type of towel for hotel towel for the Spa also is the product line that Khan new offer. The type of towel Spa is often used such as: khăn trải giường, khăn body, khăn lau tay, băng đô, scarf nail, khăn quấn tóc, váy quây, khăn gội đầu, xông hơi. With diverse designs, sizes and colors, the spa easily choose suitable products with yourself.

With 02 showroom in ho chi minh CITY and Hanoi 20+ AGENTS offers, Khan Nam Phong is gradually elevate the brand, serving customers in an optimal way.

Hope to share on here has helped you to choose bath towels, hotel Da Nang quality and optimum cost. Please partnered with Khan Nam Phong to get about the deals surprise you!

Towels Cheap – Workshop Towels Wholesale Price REPUTABLE nationwide

Bath towel, hotel Da Nang is Khan Nam phong provided with SLL (bulk). Reason is simple, the production workshop should be able to follow the model that the customer requires. In addition, the company also has a team of professional advice, help customers make the right decision, the optimal cost.

When choosing to place orders with large quantity, customers will always choose the line material (usually material 100% natural cotton or cotton blend PE according to the rate of request).

Khan Men Style there are plenty of models for you to choose
Khan Men Style there are plenty of models for you to choose

Price of order, depending on the number of difficulty, type of material, weight, color. Besides hotels, motels can ask printing or embroidery logo as desired. This is the service which Khan Nam Phong is very much customer requirements. Can see the hotel is also very interested in improving its image through the small details.

The customer buying wholesale towels in Da Nang with the bulk will get the discount reduces the maximum cost. This is the safe solution helps restaurants, hotels can move themselves in the period of economic recovery that still ensure the cleanliness and comfortable for guests to use.

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