Towel gym high level is one of a kind product indispensable for those people professional sports. Wipes sweat when going to the gym or abbreviated as towel gym. This is a kind items indispensable help wipe the sweat and wicking body during and after exercise. So how to be able to choose the quality products to offer to the market? The following is the criteria of towel gym that you can reference to choice of purchasing the best quality products. Find out right following you.

The choice of purchasing is the type towel gym quality will help to attract a lot of customers choose. So towel gym must ensure is the quality like? Here are the top criteria.

Quality criteria of towel gym senior

Towel must have the ability of absorbing water and absorb sweat well

When gym, the user's body will produce a lot of sweat. Therefore, the first factor that you need to concern when purchasing towel, it is precisely the review about the possibility of wicking sweat of cloths that. A towel sports have absorbent ability will help for the body of the user is always dry. From that limited the status of the sweat accumulates in the pores too long and causes the skin diseases unwanted.

Hãy ưu tiên lựa chọn các loại khăn với chất liệu có nguồn gốc tự nhiên như sợi hữu cơ, sợi than tre, sợ cotton, gỗ sồi, tencel gỗ tổng hợp hoặc các chất liệu microfiber. Lý do là vì những chất liệu này có kết cấu cực kỳ mềm mại. Cùng với đó là đội hút ẩm vô cùng tốt.

towel gym
From that will bring the best experience for consumers and gain more profit for you

Towel gym to be resistant to moisture mold

The user towel to wipe the sweat of sports take place regularly, probably every day or every hour. Sweat contains salt. So the scarf will be very prone to mold. Therefore, when selecting, purchasing scarf, you should ask about the possibility of anti-mold of the scarf.

This will depend on the material of the towel. A towel gym with high capacity anti-mold good will is the choice extremely perfect for consumers. Please give priority to the type of towel is made from yarn, bamboo charcoal yarn, microfiber, ... because the material is resistant to bacteria is extremely high.

towel gym senior
Along with that is the ability to evaporate water, good help for towels always be in a state of dry and clean

Durability of the towel

To scarf can be used long term and create a reputation for your brand, please give priority to choose the line scarf gym premium is made from high-quality materials and come from the brands prestigious manufacturers. Scarves are brand and made clear will be the state of being nude in fiber and ruffled feathers when used.

The color of the scarf gym

You can choose the kind of color preference. However, the need to diversify to offer to the market. To limit the maximum is condition skin irritation with ingredients chemical staining, you should give preference choose the neutral shades such as tan, white, beige. With the colors listed above, you will bring peace of mind for customers when using.

wipes sweat when going to the gym
This color also helps you to easily check the status of the scarf

The size and weight of the towel

In order to choose a size and weight suitable, this should be based on time as well as characteristics sweating of each different user. The scarf is thin, however, are lightweight, but are very susceptible to tearing. Meanwhile, the scarf too thick to make the user feel stuck and uncomfortable. Therefore, a towel to wipe sweat when going to the gym has the same thickness texture just right will be the choice extremely optimized for every workout.

Typically, in the gym, will use the type scarf size is 35 x 75 centimeters ,40 x 80 centimeters and bath towel 70 x 140 centimeters.

The length fiber decision to the softness of the towel gym

Wipes have hairs surface as long as it will be more soft and gentle. Besides, the absorbent capacity is also good. But for a towel for the ai or play sports, it does not need to fear too long. Hairs just enough to be able to good absorbency, not too dusty, also not born bacteria, easy laundries and dry faster.

towel gym
Hairs long, just enough to help the towels become more optimal


Hope the information about criteria for selecting the type of towel for gym, high-level quality on here has helped you get yourself with the necessary knowledge to be able to acquisition the types of towel gym quality assurance. And if you are looking for the factory scarf prestige and quality with the price at the depot, not through an intermediary, please contact us today with Towels Cheap for early advice about the remuneration, the package offers the most amazing you.