Scarf versatile sports is one of the essential products for the life of consumers, especially those who have a habit of regular exercise and sports. Towel exercises or sports towel, sweat, sport, typically used with the purpose of support for the sport, the dry, avoid infection. So how is a kind of towel sweat-absorbent sports best quality? Hope the following article will solve the problem on your

Standard sports towel quality

Before deciding to choosing the factory to wholesale and export, the you should learn about the quality of a sports towel standards. The reason is because in the gym, towel role is extremely important, the choice of purchasing these types of sports towels with high quality will help you get a lot of profit for your brand. And the following is the standard for a towel to wipe the sweat from sports standard

Scarf, sport, standard is good to soft, durable waterproof and sweat-absorbent, good. Scarf it must not be shedding. Depending on the needs, size and weight of the body, the user will choose what kind of scarf suitable to not take too much time dry or to dry towels.

Sports towel
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Material of the scarf

Often quality scarf will be made from cotton yarn. Cotton is the most popular material for these types of difficult exercise. The reason is because cotton fiber will support absorbs very fast and durable. Besides, there are difficult bambo towel, soybean, scarf modal. But nontwist made from cotton fiber is still the best choice at present for those who are choosing what kind of towels used in sports.

The size and weight of the towel, sport

Wipes standards to ensure the slim and lightweight. Often the type of scarf rates will not be guaranteed to be long lasting. Should external factors on the price, you need to focus on material quality. Depending on the duration of exercise, the user will select the type of towel with size and different thickness is suitable. Users will typically choose the type of the scarf helps to create a feeling dry while training.

Scarf not be too thick, because when the exercise is likely to arise bacteria is very high. If after rehearsal without drying towel in a dry or dry towel, then difficulty will be very easy to born mildew. Therefore, type towel quick dry is the leading factor for the selection criteria kinds of sports towels. The type of thin towel over will also dry faster than the kinds of thick towel over. Choose the type of quick dry towel very important. Because damp, moisture is the risk of causing the development of bacteria.

Wipes sweat, sport
From that cause these health problems and unpleasant odors for users

The softness of the scarf

To choose to be the kind of scarf, sport, standard, soft, smooth, absorbent ability, you should choose purchasing scarf in places reputable supplier with quality brands. Besides, to towel is always soft and smooth, apart from the choice of purchasing, you have to know about how to store, preserve and sanitary towel the right way to keep your towel is always nice smell, soft and smooth.

The length of the hairs

Hairs of the scarf as long, then, scarf will be more smooth and the absorbent capacity will be better. Sports towel, then don't need fiber too long. Just the hairs of difficult enough, with the standard of absorbency is.

How to preserve and sanitary towel, sport

The room will usually contain a lot of bacteria. The user recommendations, dry towel after each use to avoid odors, bacteria and mold is extremely necessary. Remember, restrictions soak a towel in fabric softener for when it will dull and lose their ability to absorb. Can add barking soda when washing towels, because this will make the towel is always soft and smooth, remove the smell.

Not recommended to use detergents too much as this will make the scarf is hardening, reducing the ability to absorb water. The amount of detergent remaining on the towel will make the skin of the user to serious injury. Before selling to the market, should remove the vinegar when washing or washing with hot water as this will do a clean towel over, remove the cleaners, the dirt on the towel or eliminate odors. From that help restore the ability absorbency of the towel.

Should check scarf periodic and regular pre-sale out in the market. If such a loss of ability to absorb water and has a foul odor, you should not offer to the market.

Towel sweat-absorbent sports
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